Texas Roadhouse Allergen Menu

Texas Roadhouse is a popular steakhouse chain known for its hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, signature rolls, and down-home country feel. However, for guests with food allergies or dietary restrictions, dining out can be a challenge. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Texas Roadhouse allergen menu so you can enjoy your meal safely and comfortably.

Texas Roadhouse Allergen Menu

Overview of Allergens at Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is upfront about the fact that all of their food is prepared in shared cooking areas and may come into contact with common allergens. The major allergens present at Texas Roadhouse include:

  • Wheat (rolls, flour tortillas)
  • Eggs (breads, desserts)
  • Milk (butter, cheeses)
  • Peanuts (on tables, in peanut oil for frying)
  • Tree nuts (in desserts, seasoning blends)
  • Shellfish (in certain seafood dishes)
  • Soybean oil (for frying)
  • Sesame seeds (in certain dishes, on rolls)

If you have an allergy, inform your server so they can take precautions in the kitchen to prevent cross-contamination. You can also reference the allergen menu below to build your meal.

Texas Roadhouse Allergen Menu

Texas Roadhouse provides a detailed allergen menu on their website, listing which menu items contain or may contain major allergens:


  • Rattlesnake Bites: Contains wheat, eggs, and milk. Fried in peanut oil.
  • Cactus Blossom: Contains wheat, eggs, and milk. Fried in peanut oil.
  • Road Kill: Contains no major allergens. Fried in peanut oil.
  • Pulled Pork Nachos: Contains wheat, possibly milk.
  • Chicken Critters: Contains wheat, eggs, and milk. Fried in peanut oil.

Salads & Soups

  • House Salad: Contains eggs and milk. No croutons.
  • Caesar Salad: Contains wheat, eggs, and milk. No croutons.
  • Baked Potato Soup: Contains milk wheat.
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup: Contains wheat.

Steaks & Ribs

  • All steaks are grilled. Most are allergen-friendly except:
    • Ribeye: It may contain milk.
    • Porterhouse T-Bone: May contain milk.
  • Ribs: Contain soybean oil. Grilled without BBQ sauce.


  • Chicken Critters: Contains wheat, eggs, and milk. Fried in peanut oil.
  • Grilled Chicken: Contains no major allergens. It can be grilled plain.


  • Grilled Salmon: Contains no major allergens. It can be grilled plain.
  • Grilled Shrimp: Contains no major allergens. It can be grilled plain.
  • Fried Shrimp: Contains wheat, eggs, and milk. Fried in peanut oil.


  • Baked Potato: Plain contains no major allergens. I can request no butter or sour cream.
  • Mashed Potatoes: Contains milk.
  • Steamed Broccoli: No major allergens.
  • Green Beans: No major allergens.
  • Mac & Cheese: Contains milk and wheat.
  • Rice: No major allergens.

FAQs About the Texas Roadhouse Allergen Menu

Is Texas Roadhouse safe for peanut allergies?

Texas Roadhouse uses peanut oil for frying, and peanuts are present on tables and can get scattered on the floor. Those with peanut allergies are at risk of cross-contamination. Inform your server of the allergy.

Do Texas Roadhouse rolls contain milk?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse rolls contain milk as an ingredient. They are not safe for those with milk allergies.

Does Texas Roadhouse use peanuts in their food?

Peanuts are not used as an ingredient, but peanut oil is used for frying. Those with peanut allergies should avoid fried foods.

Does Texas Roadhouse use seed oils?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse fries food in 100% refined soybean oil, according to their website.

What should you avoid with a peanut allergy?

Avoid all fried foods, as peanut oil is used for frying. Do not eat any foods that have fallen on the table or floor, as they may have contacted peanuts.

Does Texas Roadhouse bread have eggs?

Yes, the Texas Roadhouse rolls contain eggs as an ingredient. They are not safe for people with egg allergies.

Are the peanuts at Texas Roadhouse vegan?

No, the peanuts contain gelatin, so they are not vegan. The peanut oil used for frying is vegan.

Are the Texas Roadhouse buns vegan?

No, the burger buns and rolls contain milk and eggs, so they are not vegan.

Dining Tips for Food Allergies

If you have food allergies, here are some tips for dining safely at Texas Roadhouse:

  • Inform your server of your allergy needs and work with them to build your meal.
  • Avoid fried foods, as peanut oil is used for frying. Stick to grilled proteins and plain sides.
  • Request no butter on vegetables or potatoes to avoid milk.
  • Ask about prep procedures and cross-contamination risks for your allergen.
  • Check your food before eating to ensure no allergen contamination.
  • Carry emergency medication like Benadryl or an EpiPen in case of reaction.
  • Don’t eat foods that have fallen onto the table or floor.

Texas Roadhouse Has Your Back

Texas Roadhouse makes an effort to accommodate guests with food allergies. Their allergen menu provides transparency about ingredients, and the servers are trained to handle allergy requests. If you inform them of your needs, avoid fried foods cooked in peanut oil, and take basic precautions, you can safely enjoy Texas Roadhouse’s legendary food and hospitality. Reference the allergen menu above to build your custom meal, and don’t be afraid to ask your server questions. With smart choices, proper preparation, and clear communication, Texas Roadhouse can provide a delicious dining experience for all guests, including those with food allergies!

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