Liho Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2023

Liho is a popular homegrown bubble tea brand in Singapore, known for its wide variety of refreshing tea drinks, fruit smoothies, and unique cheese foam teas. This article provides the latest Liho Singapore menu with prices for 2023, covering their signature milk teas, fresh milk series, fruit teas, cheezo drinks, coffee, and toppings.

Liho Singapore Menu

Liho Singapore Menu Prices Updated 2023

Liho Milk Tea Menu With Prices

Liho offers a range of classic milk tea drinks prepared with premium tea leaves and fresh milk. Here are the prices for Liho’s milk tea menu:

Menu Price (Medium) Price (Large)
Earl Grey Milk Tea SGD 3.10 SGD 4.10
Milk Green Tea SGD 3.10 SGD 4.10
Winter Melon Milk Tea SGD 3.10 SGD 4.10
Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea SGD 3.10 SGD 4.10
Jasmine Milk Tea SGD 3.10 SGD 4.10
Roasted Milk Tea SGD 3.10 SGD 4.10

The base price starts from SGD 3.10 for a medium size, with SGD 1 additional charge for upgrading to a large. Liho’s smooth and aromatic milk teas are freshly brewed in-store with high-quality tea leaves. Popular picks include the Winter Melon Milk Tea with its naturally sweet and fragrant melon flavor.

Liho Singapore Menu – Avo Delight

Liho’s Avo Delight series features creamy avocado blended with milk tea or fruit flavors. Prices are:

Menu Price (Medium) Price (Large)
Avocado Milk Tea SGD 5.80 SGD 6.80
Avocado Matcha Milk Tea SGD 6.50 SGD 7.50
Mango Avocado SGD 6.50 SGD 7.50
Strawberry Avocado SGD 6.50 SGD 7.50
CheezHO Avocado SGD 6.50 SGD 7.50
Pudding Avocado (Hot) SGD 6.50 SGD 7.50

The avocado drinks have a higher base price starting from SGD 5.80 for a medium size. The creamy and nutritious avocado makes a refreshing base blended with fruity flavors like mango and strawberry. The CheezHO Avocado adds a unique twist with cheese foam topping.

Liho Tea Menu Prices – Fresh/Oat Milk Tea

Liho also offers fresh milk tea and oat milk tea options:

Menu Price (Medium) Price (Large)
Brown Sugar Lover SGD 4.10 SGD 5.10
Cookies Machi SGD 4.50 SGD 5.50
Royal Oolong Double SGD 4.10 SGD 5.10
Golden Oolong Oat Latte SGD 5.80 SGD 6.80
Singa-pandan Shake SGD 5.90 SGD 6.90
Herbal Jelly Oat Milk SGD 6.50 SGD 7.50

The fresh milk tea menu features unique flavors like Brown Sugar Lover with brown sugar syrup and Cookies Machi with cookie crumble topping. The oat milk tea menu includes smooth and creamy oat milk drinks like the Golden Oolong Oat Latte.

Liho Singapore Fruit Tea Menu

Liho has a wide array of fruit tea drinks made with real fruit purees and juices. Prices are:

Menu Price (Medium) Price (Large)
Singapore Fruit Tea SGD 4.30 SGD 5.30
Plum Green Tea SGD 3.50 SGD 4.50
Calpis Triple Peach SGD 4.10 SGD 5.10
Lychee Aloe Vera SGD 4.10 SGD 5.10
Strawberry Lemon Fizz SGD 4.30 SGD 5.30
Mango Smoothie SGD 5.50 SGD 6.50

Popular fruit tea choices are the Singapore Fruit Tea featuring a tropical fruit blend, and refreshing options like Lychee Aloe Vera and Mango Smoothie.

Liho Brew/Cheezho Tea

Liho offers classic brewed teas as well as unique Cheezho drinks topped with creamy cheese foam.

Menu Price (Medium) Price (Large)
Jing Syuan Tea SGD 2.30 SGD 3.30
Jasmine Green Tea SGD 2.30 SGD 3.30
Roasted Oolong Tea SGD 2.30 SGD 3.30
Earl Grey Tea SGD 2.30 SGD 3.30
Winter Melon Tea SGD 2.30 SGD 3.30
CheezHO Melon Tea SGD 4.10 SGD 5.10
CheezHO Green Tea SGD 4.10 SGD 5.10

The classic brewed teas like Jasmine Green Tea and Roasted Oolong Tea start from SGD 2.30. The unique Cheezho drinks with cheese foam cost slightly more.

Liho Lit Coffee Prices

Liho serves a selection of coffee drinks in addition to its signature tea menu.

Menu Price (Medium) Price (Large)
Liho Signature Coffee SGD 4.10 SGD 5.10
Da Hong Pao Yuan Yang SGD 4.50 SGD 5.50
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Coffee SGD 4.80 SGD 5.80
Oat Milk Coffee SGD 6.50 SGD 7.50

Choices range from the Liho Signature Coffee, Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Coffee with brown sugar syrup, to the creamy Oat Milk Coffee.

Liho Toppings

Take your drink to the next level by adding toppings!

Toppings Price
Golden Pearl SGD 0.70
Brown Sugar Pearl SGD 0.70
White Pearl SGD 0.70
Aloe Vera SGD 0.70
Royal Jelly SGD 0.70
Coconut Jelly SGD 0.70
Pudding Jelly SGD 0.70
Herbal Jelly SGD 0.70
Peach Gum White Fungus SGD 1.50
CheezHo SGD 1.80

Popular toppings are pearls, jellies, and the unique CheezHo creamy cheese foam.

Liho Singapore Menu – Latest Entry

Liho frequently launches new limited-edition drinks. Their latest menu addition is the Lychee Rose Jing Syuan Tea, available in medium and large sizes for SGD 5.80 and SGD 6.80 respectively. This drink combines fragrant jasmine green tea with a sweet and floral lychee rose flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common FAQs about Liho Singapore:

Is Liho Halal?

No, Liho is currently not Halal-certified. However, ingredients used are mainly non-animal based except for the fresh milk and cream used in some drinks.

Liho’s best selling drinks are the Winter Melon Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Fresh Milk, Avocado Milk Tea, and fruit tea flavors like Mango Smoothie and Singapore Fruit Tea. The Cheezho series with cheese foam topping is also uniquely popular at Liho.

Who is the owner of LiHO bubble tea?

Liho was founded in Singapore in 2017 by RTG Holdings, a homegrown food and beverage enterprise.

What are the levels of LiHO membership?

There are 3 tiers in Liho’s membership program:

  • Green Member: Entry level, accumulate minimum $60 spend to qualify
  • Silver Member: Accumulate $180 spend
  • Gold Member: Accumulate $360 spend

Higher tiers enjoy additional privileges and rewards.

How much sugar is in brown sugar milk?

A medium size Brown Sugar Fresh Milk contains around 10 teaspoons (40g) of added sugar from the brown sugar syrup. Consuming too much added sugar daily can be unhealthy, so enjoy brown sugar drinks in moderation.

Liho Membership

Joining Liho’s membership program allows customers to enjoy member-exclusive perks and privileges.

Liho Membership Benefits

  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent
  • Redeem points for free drinks
  • Exclusive member promotions and gifts
  • Free drink for your birthday month
  • Advance access to new product launches
  • Special member-only events

Liho Outlets & Delivery Locations

Liho has over 40 outlets across Singapore. You can find Liho stores at the following locations:

  • Downtown East
  • Westgate
  • Jem
  • Jewel Changi Airport
  • Plaza Singapura
  • Wisma Atria
  • Ngee Ann City
  • Vivocity
  • Orchard Gateway
  • 100AM Mall
  • Paya Lebar Quarter
  • JCube
  • Causeway Point
  • Northpoint City
  • Waterway Point
  • Tampines Mall
  • Century Square
  • Bedok Mall
  • Changi City Point
  • IMM
  • Jalan Besar Plaza
  • City Square Mall
  • AMK Hub
  • Compass One
  • NEX
  • Parkway Parade
  • Hillion Mall
  • Bukit Panjang Plaza
  • Seletar Mall
  • YewTee Point
  • MyVillage at Serangoon Garden

Liho also delivers islandwide through major food delivery platforms like GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo.

So there you have it – the full Liho Singapore menu and prices for 2023! From their signature milk teas, unique fruit smoothies, aromatic brewed teas to the popular cheezo series, Liho offers a wide variety of bubble tea flavors to satisfy every tastebud. Stop by any of their outlets across Singapore or order delivery to enjoy Liho’s quality teas fresh from the brew.

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