Tim Hortons Menu And Prices in Canada – 2023

Tim Hortons is a beloved Canadian coffee shop and fast food chain known for its coffee, baked goods, sandwiches, and more. With over 4,800 locations across Canada, Tim Hortons has become a staple for Canadian breakfast, lunch, and coffee runs. Understanding Tim Hortons’ menu and prices can help you plan your next visit.

These affordable menu items are customer favorites at Tim Hortons in Canada:

  • Double Double – Coffee with two creams and two sugars.
  • Timbits – Bite-sized Tim Hortons donut holes.
  • Iced Capp – Sweet blended iced coffee drink.
  • Breakfast Sandwiches – Sandwiches with eggs, cheese, and meat on biscuits, or bagels.
  • Honey Cruller Donut – Light, airy honey-glazed donut.
  • Soup and Sandwich Combos – Pair half a sandwich with soup or chili.
  • Bagels with Cream Cheese – Freshly baked bagels with cream cheese spreads.

These convenient and delicious items are what Tim Hortons is best known for.

Tim Hortons Menu with Prices

Here is an overview of Tim Hortons’ offerings along with some popular picks and prices:

  • Double Double (M) – $2.19
  • 10 Timbits – $2.99
  • Iced Capp (M) – $3.79
  • Bacon Breakfast Sandwich – $4.49
  • Honey Cruller Donut – $1.59
  • Chili and Sandwich Combo – $6.99
  • Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese – $2.99

Hot Beverages

  • Small Coffee – $1.99
  • Medium Coffee – $2.19
  • Large Coffee – $2.39
  • Small Tea – $2.19
  • Medium Tea – $2.39
  • Large Tea – $2.59
  • Small Hot Chocolate – $2.49

Cold Beverages

  • Small Iced Coffee – $3.19
  • Medium Iced Coffee – $3.39
  • Large Iced Coffee – $3.59
  • Small Iced Capp – $3.79
  • Medium Iced Capp – $4.19
  • Large Iced Capp – $4.59
  • Bottled Water – $1.99

Baked Goods

  • 10 Timbits – $2.99
  • Donut – $1.59
  • Cookie – $1.59
  • Muffin – $1.99
  • Cinnamon Roll – $2.99
  • Bagel – $1.99


  • Bacon Breakfast Sandwich – $4.49
  • Sausage Breakfast Sandwich – $4.49
  • Ham Breakfast Sandwich – $4.49
  • Farmer’s Breakfast Wrap – $5.29
  • Breakfast Sandwich Combo – $5.99


  • Chili – $3.99
  • Chicken Noodle Soup – $3.99
  • Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich – $5.99
  • Soup and Sandwich Combo – $6.99

FAQs on Tim Hortons Menu in Canada

What are the opening hours of Tim Hortons Canada?

Most locations open daily from 5am-10pm, with closing times varying by location.

What is the cheapest menu item at Tim Hortons Canada?

The cheapest regular menu items are the $1 coffee and baked goods like cookies during certain dayparts.

What is the most expensive menu item at Tim Hortons?

The most expensive regular item is the Family Meal Bundle at $40.41. Limited-time offerings may cost more.

The Iced Capp is one of the most popular items. The Double Double coffee is also iconic.

Does Tim Hortons offer delivery in Canada?

Yes, most Tim Hortons offer delivery through Uber Eats, DoorDash, and SkipTheDishes in Canada. Fees and availability vary.

About Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario by hockey player Tim Horton. It is now Canada’s largest quick-service restaurant chain with over 4,800 locations. Tim Hortons specializes in coffee, donuts, muffins, sandwiches, soups, and more. The chain is owned by Restaurant Brands International which also owns Burger King and Popeyes. Tim Hortons has become a staple of Canadian culture.

Alternatives to Tim Hortons in Canada

Other popular coffee shops and cafes in Canada include:

  • Starbucks – For specialty drinks and a trendy atmosphere.
  • Second Cup – Canadian-founded, focused on coffee.
  • Country Style – Known for breakfast sandwiches and soups.
  • McDonald’s – McCafe offers budget-friendly coffee and baked goods.
  • Local coffee houses – For unique blends and cozy ambiance.

While Tim Hortons reigns supreme, Canadians have a number of options for their coffee fix.

The Bottom Line on Tim Hortons Menu and Prices

Tim Hortons serves beloved coffee, donuts, sandwiches, soups, and more at reasonable prices. Most individual items cost $2-5, with combo meals around $6-8. Tim Hortons offers familiar favorites along with seasonal and limited-time options. Understanding Tim Hortons Canada’s menu and pricing can help you budget your next coffee break or breakfast there.

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