Jack in the Box Menu Prices 2023

Welcome, fast-food enthusiasts! If you’re craving a mouthwatering burger or a hearty breakfast served all day, look no further than Jack in the Box. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the delicious world of Jack in the Box, a fast-food giant that has won the hearts of foodies across the Western United States and the Midwest. Let’s get started! Read Here Applebee’s Happy Hour

Jack in the Box Menu Prices

Jack in the Box Menu Prices (September 2023)

Burgers & More

Jumbo Jack

  • Price: $4.99

The Jumbo Jack is the crown jewel of Jack in the Box’s burger lineup. With a juicy beef patty, fresh lettuce, and a secret sauce that will make your taste buds dance, it’s no wonder this burger has a cult following.

Sourdough Jack

  • Price: $5.29

Craving something different? The Sourdough Jack combines a beef patty with sourdough bread, creating a tangy and savory flavor profile.

Ultimate Cheeseburger

  • Price: $5.49

For cheese lovers, the Ultimate Cheeseburger is a dream come true. It’s loaded with two types of cheese and double the beef. It’s the ultimate indulgence!

Chicken & More

Jack’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

  • Price: $5.19

Spice up your life with Jack’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich. It’s crispy, spicy, and everything you want in a chicken sandwich.

Jack’s Value

Looking for a meal that won’t break the bank? The Jack’s Value menu offers a range of affordable options that are both delicious and wallet-friendly.

Kid’s Combos

Little ones aren’t left out at Jack in the Box. The Kid’s Combos offer smaller portions with all the flavor. Perfect for tiny tummies!

Something Different

Veggie Delight

  • Price: $4.29

Who says fast food can’t be healthy? The Veggie Delight offers a medley of fresh veggies, making it a great option for those looking for something lighter.

Snacks & Sides

Seasoned Curly Fries

  • Price: $2.49

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried these curly fries. Seasoned to perfection, they’re the ideal complement to any meal.


Indulge your sweet tooth with a range of desserts that are as delightful as they are affordable.


From classic Coca-Cola to unique shakes, the beverage options are endless.

Jack’s Munchie Meals

For those late-night cravings, Jack’s Munchie Meals are the perfect solution. It’s a full meal designed to satisfy even the biggest of appetites.

Breakfast Served All Day

Why limit breakfast to the morning? At Jack in the Box, you can enjoy breakfast any time of the day.


How much are two tacos at Jack in the Box?

Two tacos are priced at just $1.29, making it a steal!

What’s on the Jack in the Box dollar menu for 2023?

The dollar menu offers a variety of items, from burgers to fries, all priced at $1.


So there you have it, the ultimate guide to Jack in the Box menu prices for September 2023. Whether you’re a burger fan, a chicken lover, or someone who enjoys a good value meal, Jack in the Box has something for everyone.

Good food brings joy, and Jack in the Box is about spreading that joy. So the next time you’re near a Jack in the Box, don’t hesitate to stop by and treat yourself to a delicious and affordable meal.

Happy Eating!

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