What Time Does McDonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast? A Detailed Look at McDonald’s Breakfast Hours

McDonald’s breakfast is a staple for many looking to start their day off right with classics like the Egg McMuffin, Hash Browns, and Hotcakes. But McDonald’s breakfast hours are limited, which leads many McDonald’s fans to ask – what time does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast?

In this detailed guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of McDonald’s breakfast hours, menu, and ordering options to help you get your Mickey D’s breakfast fix.

What Time Does McDonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast

When Does McDonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast?

McDonald’s breakfast hours vary by location, but most McDonald’s restaurants stop serving breakfast at 10:30 AM on weekdays.

Some locations end breakfast service as late as 11 AM, while others may stop even earlier at 10 AM. Very few McDonald’s serve breakfast all day.

Here are the typical McDonald’s breakfast hours in the United States:

  • Monday – Friday: Starts at 5 AM or 6 AM, ends between 10 AM – 11 AM
  • Saturday & Sunday: Starts at 5 AM or 6 AM, ends between 10:30 AM – 11 AM
  • Holidays: Same hours as weekends, serving breakfast from 5 AM or 6 AM until 10:30 AM or 11 AM

To find the exact breakfast hours at your local McDonald’s, check their store locator online or call ahead to confirm their breakfast schedule. Times can vary by location.

Why Does McDonald’s Stop Breakfast So Early?

There are a few reasons why McDonald’s stops serving breakfast so early in the morning:

  • Switching over equipment/kitchen – To serve both breakfast and lunch menus, McDonald’s needs to change over grills, fryers, and other kitchen equipment which takes time.
  • Preparing for lunch rush – By ending breakfast early, employees have time to transition to the kitchen and get set up for the busy lunch rush.
  • Streamlining operations – Limiting breakfast hours allows McDonald’s to streamline kitchen operations with dedicated breakfast and lunch shifts.
  • Limited breakfast demand – Breakfast sales taper off after 10:30 AM as demand decreases. Most customers want breakfast in the morning hours.

McDonald’s found limiting breakfast hours to be optimal for operations, profits, and customer satisfaction. Overall, customers prefer getting breakfast very early in the morning.

Can You Still Get McDonald’s Breakfast After 10:30 AM?

Unfortunately no, McDonald’s regular menu does not include breakfast items after the breakfast hours end, usually at 10:30 AM.

However, there are a couple of ways you may still be able to enjoy McDonald’s breakfast favorites after 10:30 AM:

  • Order breakfast for delivery on Uber Eats – Uber Eats allows you to order McDonald’s breakfast for delivery during all operating hours, so you can get breakfast sandwiches delivered later.
  • Visit a 24-Hour McDonald’s location – Some 24-hour McDonald’s offer breakfast all day or have extended breakfast hours, like until 11 am. Check your local restaurant.
  • Custom order a breakfast sandwich – You can try custom ordering a breakfast sandwich “made like an Egg McMuffin” on the regular menu. Substitute items to create your favorite breakfast sandwich.
  • Ask nicely – Politely asking the manager if they’ll sell you a breakfast sandwich after hours may work occasionally if they’re able to make it. No guarantees though!

Besides those limited options, McDonald’s breakfast menu and hours are quite strict, so be sure to get your Egg McMuffin before 10:30 AM!

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu and Prices

McDonald’s breakfast menu features all the classics like pancakes, biscuits, McMuffins, and more. Here’s an overview of the McDonald’s breakfast menu with prices:

McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Egg McMuffin – Fried egg, Canadian bacon, and cheese on an English muffin. $3.99
  • Sausage McMuffin – Sausage patty, cheese on an English muffin. $3.99
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit – Bacon, egg, cheese on a biscuit. $4.39
  • Sausage Biscuit – Sausage patty on a biscuit. $1.00
  • Sausage Burrito – Sausage, eggs, cheese in a tortilla. $1.00

McDonald’s Breakfast Platters

  • Big Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuit. $5.99
  • Hotcakes Breakfast – 3 hotcakes, sausage. $5.69
  • Hotcakes & Sausage – 3 hotcakes, sausage. $5.69

McDonald’s Breakfast Sides

  • Hash Browns – $1.00
  • Cinnamon Roll – $2.69
  • Fruit & Maple Oatmeal – $3.99

McCafé Breakfast Drinks

  • Small McCafé Coffee – $1.00
  • Small McCafé Latte – $2.99
  • Small McCafé Mocha – $2.99

McDonald’s also offers some regional and seasonal breakfast items like Mcgriddles, bagels, and burritos. Prices may vary by location.

Tips for Enjoying McDonald’s Breakfast

Here are some handy tips to make the most of your McDonald’s breakfast experience:

  • Get there early – Arrive first thing when they open to beat the crowds and get the freshest food.
  • Use the app – Order and pay ahead on the McDonald’s app for quick grab-and-go service or curbside pickup.
  • Try coffee drinks – Pair your breakfast sandwich with a hot McCafé coffee, latte or mocha.
  • Customize your order – Swap items or add extras like an egg or meat to make it just how you like it.
  • Grab a combo deal – Opt for a breakfast meal combo to get a sandwich, hash browns, and a coffee.
  • Check for deals – Look for McDonald’s breakfast coupons on the app or in weekly ad mailers for savings.
  • Use rewards – Earn points and redeem rewards on the McDonald’s app for free food.

Getting your McDonald’s breakfast fix is easy when you know the hours they serve breakfast and have a plan to get the most value from your visit.

How to Order McDonald’s Breakfast for Delivery

While you can’t order McDonald’s breakfast all day in-store, you can get McDonald’s breakfast delivered anytime through third-party delivery apps.

McDonald’s partners with services like Uber EatsDoorDashGrubhub, and Postmates for food delivery.

Here’s how to order McDonald’s breakfast for delivery:

  1. Open the Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, or Postmates app.
  2. Enter your delivery address and search for McDonald’s locations near you.
  3. Browse the full McDonald’s breakfast menu available for delivery.
  4. Select your desired McDonald’s breakfast items and customize if needed.
  5. Check out and place your McDonald’s breakfast order.
  6. Track your McDonald’s breakfast delivery status.
  7. Enjoy a hot, fresh McDonald’s breakfast delivered right to your door!

McDonald’s delivery is available during all operating hours, so you can satisfy your breakfast craving no matter what time it is. Delivery fees and minimums apply.

If you’re looking for a healthy McDonald’s breakfast option, knowing the nutrition facts can help you make an informed selection. Here are the calories, fat, carbs, protein, and other nutrition stats for some of McDonald’s most popular breakfast sandwiches and meals:

Egg McMuffin

  • Calories: 300
  • Fat: 12g
  • Carbs: 18g
  • Protein: 15g

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

  • Calories: 450
  • Fat: 28g
  • Carbs: 31g
  • Protein: 19g

Sausage & Egg McMuffin

  • Calories: 370
  • Fat: 23g
  • Carbs: 28g
  • Protein: 18g

Hash Browns

  • Calories: 150
  • Fat: 8g
  • Carbs: 17g
  • Protein: 2g

Big Breakfast (Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Biscuit)

  • Calories: 780
  • Fat: 51g
  • Carbs: 57g
  • Protein: 34g

Hotcakes (3 pancakes)

  • Calories: 520
  • Fat: 11g
  • Carbs: 76g
  • Protein: 10g

Knowing the nutrition facts allows you to make smart McDonald’s breakfast selections tailored to your dietary needs and health goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About McDonald’s Breakfast

Here are answers to some of the most common FAQs about McDonald’s breakfast hours and menu:

Does McDonald’s serve breakfast all day?

No, McDonald’s discontinued all-day breakfast in 2021. Breakfast is only served during regular breakfast hours, generally from 5am to 10:30am.

What are the healthiest McDonald’s breakfast options?

Some of the healthiest McDonald’s breakfast choices include the Egg McMuffin, oatmeal, yogurt parfait, fruit and maple oatmeal, and English muffin with egg whites.

Can you order McDonald’s breakfast late at night?

No, McDonald’s breakfast is not available overnight or in the evening after breakfast hours end, typically at 10:30am. The only way to get McDonald’s breakfast late at night is through third-party delivery apps.

Does McDonald’s serve breakfast after 10:30am?

No, McDonald’s regular menu does not include breakfast items after breakfast hours end in the morning, usually at 10:30am. Most locations strictly stop serving breakfast at 10:30am.

Can you get the McDonald’s breakfast menu all day?

Unfortunately, no. McDonald’s discontinued all-day breakfast in 2021, so the breakfast menu is only available during regular breakfast hours from 5am-10:30am.

Does McDonald’s have breakfast deals or coupons?

Yes, McDonald’s often offers breakfast deals and coupons like $1 any size McCafe drinks or BOGO breakfast sandwiches. Deals are usually found on the McDonald’s app or in weekly print ads.

Start Your Day the McDonald’s Way

McDonald’s breakfast remains a top choice for an easy, affordable morning meal on the go. By understanding the limited breakfast hours and planning accordingly, you can enjoy all your McDonald’s breakfast favorites like the Hash Browns, Egg McMuffin, and Hotcakes.

Next time you wake up craving a classic McDonald’s breakfast, check the hours of your local restaurant and stop by early to fuel up with your customized favorites. With delicious food, speedy service, and great value, McDonald’s makes it quick and easy to kickstart your day right.

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