What Is McDonald’s $2 for $6 Deal? Saving Money on Iconic Favorites

McDonald’s popular $2 for $6 promotion allows customers to choose two of the following sandwiches for just $6 total: Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Filet-O-Fish, or Cheeseburger. This represents huge savings off normal á la carte prices. But with rising costs straining restaurant budgets, many wonder if the discounted deal will remain available long-term.

An Overview of McDonald’s $2 for $6 Promotion

The $2 for $6 deal at McDonald’s locations across the country represents one of the chain’s most popular ongoing specials. It lets customers select two sandwiches from a mix-and-match list of McDonald’s classics for just $6 rather than paying full individual menu prices.

The iconic sandwiches generally included in the promotion are:

  • Big Mac – McDonald’s signature burger with “two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.” A single Big Mac normally costs around $3.99 individually.
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese – McDonald’s version of a premium burger with a full 1⁄4 lb beef patty. Usually priced at $4.79 on its own.
  • Filet-O-Fish – McDonald’s popular fish sandwich with wild-caught Alaska Pollock and melty American cheese on a steamed bun. Normally $4.39 individually.
  • Cheeseburger – McDonald’s basic burger option with a beef patty topped with ketchup, mustard, onions, pickles and cheese. Retails for $2.29 á la carte.

So being able to combine two of these McDonald’s favorites for only $6 total under the promotional deal represents significant savings compared to purchasing them individually off the everyday menu.

For example, two Big Macs would normally cost $7.98 together. But with the $2 for $6 mixer deal, you save almost $2.

Is McDonald’s $2 for $6 Deal Still Going On?

McDonald’s $2 for $6 sandwich promotion first emerged around January 2018, although it looked different initially compared to the current incarnation.

In the beginning, the deal only applied to the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder with Cheese. It allowed customers to grab two of either sandwich for just $6, saving them a few dollars compared to normal prices.

The Filet-O-Fish was later added as an option as McDonald’s saw opportunities to boost sales of the pescatarian sandwich through the discounted bundle deal.

And over the years the headline price crept up incrementally from $2 for $3, to $2 for $4, to $2 for $5, until landing at the current popular $2 for $6 pricing.

Occasional shifts aside, the returning offer has proven wildly popular with budget-focused diners. So McDonald’s continues featuring it nationwide for extended promotional windows rather than just a week or two.

Deal hunters can often enjoy the $2 for $6 offer for a season or more at a time when it’s active before short pauses hit.

So while the deal itself takes occasional brief breaks, McDonald’s keeps bringing back the fan favorite $2 for $6 mix-and-match sandwich promotion. It has endured for over 5 years now due to popular demand.

Can You Really Save Money Using McDonald’s $2 for $6 Offer?

With fast food menu prices creeping up across the board in recent years, some customers have questioned whether McDonald’s $2 for $6 sandwich deal actually provides any meaningful savings compared to normal combo meal pricing.

However, when you break down the actual cost of getting two sandwiches on their own compared to using the 2-for-$6 deal, the savings are certainly substantial.

Here’s a comparison of the á la carte sandwich pricing versus grabbing them in a bundle with the ongoing promotion:

  • Two Big Macs:
    • Á la carte pricing: $7.98
    • $2 for $6 deal price: $6
    • Savings: $1.98 (25% off)
  • Two Quarter Pounders with Cheese:
    • Á la carte pricing: $9.58
    • $2 for $6 deal price: $6
    • Savings: $3.58 (37% off)
  • Two Cheeseburgers:
    • Á la carte pricing: $4.58
    • $2 for $6 deal price: $6
    • Savings: $1.42 (24% off)

As you can see, choosing two sandwiches from the promotional list vs. buying them at full cost individually saves between 25-37% typically.

So while everyday à la carte prices have risen slightly over the years, the $2 for $6 deal has gradually inched up as well to maintain appealing discount margins. This allows customers to keep enjoying special savings on McDonald’s iconic sandwiches rather than forcing them to pay inflated regular prices.

Is McDonald’s $2 For $6 Sandwich Deal Coming Back?

Long-time fans of the $2 for $6 discount deal know that it does cycle on and off the menu periodically between wider special promotion windows. So when it goes away for a bit, many start asking “Is McDonald’s 2 for $6 coming back?”

Thankfully, the short answer seems to be yes. Although the promotional deal takes brief breaks through the year, McDonald’s keeps bringing back some version of the iconic BOGO-style offer due to its rampant popularity and ability to drive customers into stores chasing the saving.

In 2022, McDonald’s featured the $2 for $6 sandwich deal nationwide for a solid stretch from January through April. It then hit pause for May and June before returning again over the entire summer from late June through late September.

Another break hit for October and November before the savings returned right before the peak holiday season in December to help shoppers save money when gathering to celebrate.

So rather than permanent availability, McDonald’s leverages the hugely popular promotion during strategic high-traffic windows aligned with things like the start of a year, peak summer demand, and the winter holidays when deal-seeking customers surge.

The occasional brief suspensions of the offer help McDonald’s limit profit margin strain while keeping fan favorite regional menu items like the McRib sandwich in the spotlight. But you can expect the return of the $2 for $6 deal or similar tiered savings again soon.

McDonald’s relies heavily on deals and discounts to stay competitive in the fast food category. So retiring iconic promotions like the $2 for $6 offer altogether rather abandoning them due to economic challenges risks losing customers.

How to Check The Latest McDonald’s Deals


When the $2 for $6 sandwich deal does hit one of its temporary off-cycles, deal hunters want to know what new specials may be available instead. Here are the best ways to stay up-to-date on current McDonald’s promotions:

1. Check McDonald’s Mobile App

The McDonald’s app features rotating limited-time national specials multiple times per month. Exclusive mobile offers may include things like 50% off Big Macs, BOGO Quarter Pounders, free fries with purchase, McCafe drink discounts, and more.

2. Ask In-Store at the Counter

Restaurant crew members are informed on the latest deals effective in-store. So don’t hesitate to inquire about any offerings running beyond advertised signs before you order. Special asks may unlock surprise discounts.

3. Follow on Social Media

Keep tabs on McDonald’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts which frequently promote the timing of upcoming specials like the recurring $2 for $6 deal as well as andere other limited offers.

4. Check Local Circulars

Some franchised locations run regional or local store discounts not offered nationwide. Look for coupons on take-out bags or special value pricing advertised on boards near the front counter spotlighting deals unique to that store in your community.

Conclusion: Will McDonald’s $2 for $6 Deal Last?

McDonald’s time-tested $2 for $6 promotion lets customers snag two of the chain’s most classic burgers and sandwiches for a total bargain. Even as menu costs climb, this iconic deal endures over 5 years strong due to sheer popularity with McDonald’s loyal budget-focused fan base.

Recent incarnations maintain the spirit of scoring two top sandwiches for just a few bucks by gradually elevating the base price point over time from $2 for $3 to $2 for $6 today. This soft inflation accounting lets McDonald’s offset rising expenses while keeping customer savings intact.

We can likely expect the periodic temporary suspensions of the deal to continue allowing McDonald’s to promote new limited-time offers. But the fundamentals of mixing and matching your choice of two McDonald’s staples at a 25-37% discount for just $6 should stick around for the foreseeable future in one form or another rather than disappearing permanently.

McDonald’s leaning too heavily into trendy new menu launches risks alienating fans who simply crave the classics. By keeping legendary discount promotions like $2 for $6 in the rotation between bouts of innovation, budget-minded customers can rely on McDonald’s to keep America’s everyday mealtime favorites affordable – today, tomorrow and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About McDonald’s $2 for $6 Deal and More Money-Saving Tips

Here are some common questions on getting the best deals at McDonald’s along with pro tips for how to save:

What does McDonald’s $2 for $6 deal consist of?

McDonald’s $2 for $6 allows you to choose two sandwiches from a mix-and-match list of four McDonald’s classics. The options are usually the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Filet-O-Fish, and Cheeseburger.

How much does a Big Mac cost without the $2 for $6 deal?

Ordered á la carte rather than as part of a combo meal, an individual Big Mac sandwich retails for around $3.99 at most McDonald’s locations nationwide.

Where can I find the best McDonald’s coupons and free food deals?

The McDonald’s mobile app routinely offers the most generous and wide-ranging exclusive specials. This includes free fries, buy-one-get-one (BOGO) sandwiches, heavily discounted McCafe drinks, and more. Simply download the app and watch for great savings opportunities redeemable at your local McDonald’s.

How much does a Quarter Pounder with Cheese cost on its own?

Without any deals, an individual Quarter Pounder with Cheese normally costs approximately $4.79 if ordered á la carte at McDonald’s.

Is McDonald’s $2 for $6 really worth it?

Yes, McDonald’s long-running $2 for $6 promotion offers very significant 25-37% percent savings when you can score two of the chain’s most iconic sandwiches for just $6 rather than paying over $7-9 for them at normal menu prices. It’s one of the top ways to save money and enjoy the classics at McDonald’s.

Can I get McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches as part of the $2 for $6 deal?

No, McDonald’s $2 for $6 offer only applies to select lunch/dinner sandwiches like the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder. However, you can find other breakfast meal deals like sandwich and hash brown combos by checking the McDonald’s app when stopping in during A.M. hours.

Do McDonald’s coupons ever offer free food or BOGO deals?

Yes! McDonald’s routinely offers mobile app deals giving rewards to members and new users freebies like free fries, free McFlurrys, BOGO sandwiches, and buy-one-get-one sundaes. Download the app and keep checking back for great ways to score free McDonald’s favorites.

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