Wendy’s Breakfast Menu Prices 2024: A Delicious Way to Start Your Day

If you are looking for a cozy and satisfying breakfast, you should visit Wendy’s and try their amazing breakfast menu. They have 10 breakfast combos that include everything you need for a balanced and tasty meal, such as sausage, biscuit, bacon, and eggs.

You can’t go wrong with their sausage, egg, and Swiss croissant combo, or their bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit combo. They are both classic and delicious.

They also have three fresh croissants and six flavorful biscuits that you can order separately if you prefer. Their sausage biscuit is very filling, and their sausage, egg, and Swiss croissant are very rich.

Their five delicious classics are also worth trying, especially their Breakfast Baconator, which has bacon, sausage, and egg, and their Homestyle French Toast Sticks, which are crispy and sweet.

Of course, you need something to drink with your breakfast, and Wendy’s has you covered. They have iced and hot coffees that will give you a boost of energy and flavor. They also have Fresh Brewed Decaffeinated Coffee, if you don’t want caffeine.

If you want something else, they have a variety of beverages, such as milk, Coca-Cola, lemonade, and iced tea. And don’t forget their famous frosty, which comes in two options: peppermint frosty and classic chocolate frosty.

They also have a special Wendy’s Kid’s Meal for the little ones, which includes chicken nuggets (spicy or classic), hamburgers, or cheeseburgers. You can pair them with a glass of milk and your kids will be happy and full.

Wendy’s breakfast menu prices in 2024 are very reasonable and affordable, and you can save money with coupons and deals. You can order online, on the app, or at the restaurant, and choose to pick it up or have it delivered.

Wendy’s breakfast menu is a great way to start your day, and you will love their fresh and quality ingredients, their variety and taste, and their portion sizes. Visit Wendy’s website or app to find the nearest location, browse the menu, and place your order. You can also follow Wendy’s on social media to get the latest news and updates. Thank you for reading and enjoy your breakfast! 😊

Wendy’s Breakfast Menu

Wendy’s Menu With Prices

Wendy’s Breakfast Combos Menu

(Add 1 Sides + 1 Drinks)

Items Price
Chicken Croissant (Maple Bacon) $6.29
Swiss Croissant, Egg, and Bacon $5.89
Swiss Croissant, Egg, and Sausage $5.89
Chicken Biscuit (Honey Butter) $5.89
Cheese Biscuit, Egg, and Bacon $5.49
Cheese Biscuit, Egg, and Sausage $5.49
Cheese Sandwich, Egg, and Classic Sausage $5.49
Baconator Breakfast $6.39
6 Pcs French Toast Sticks (Homestyle) $6.19
Cheese Sandwich, Egg and Classic Bacon $5.49

Wendy’s Croissant

Items Calorie Price
Chicken Croissant (Maple Bacon) 560 $4.69
Swiss Croissant, Bacon & Egg 410 $4.29
Swiss Croissant, Egg & Sausage 600 $4.29


Items Calorie Price
Cheese Biscuit, Egg & Sausage 610 $ 3.69
Chicken Biscuit (Honey Butter) 500 $3.89
Cheese Biscuit, Bacon & Egg 420 $3.69
Biscuit & Sausage Gravy 450 $2.89
Biscuit (Honey Butter) 310 $1.29
Sausage Biscuit 470 $2.09

Wendy’s Classic

Items Calorie Price
Breakfast Baconator 730 $4.69
Classic Bacon, Cheese & Egg Sandwich 320 $4.09
Classic Sausage, Cheese & Egg Sandwich 500 $4.09
French Toast Sticks (Homestyle), 6 Pcs 490 $4.29
French Toast Sticks (Homestyle), 4 Pcs 330 $2.99

Sides And More

Items Calorie Price
Apple Bites 35 $1.39
Sausage Biscuit 470 $1.99
Butter Biscuit (Honey) 310 $1.19
4 Pcs French Toast Sticks (Homestyle) 330 $2.79
Orange Juice (Simply) 160 $2.49
6 Pcs French Toast Sticks (Homestyle) 490 $3.99

Coffee Menu

Items Size Calorie Price
Iced Coffee (Cold Brew) Small 15 $2.59
Large 25 $2.99
Frosty- Ccino (Vanilla) Small 210 $2.59
Large 310 $2.99
Frosty- Ccino (Chocolate) Small 220 $2.59
Large 310 $2.99
Regular Coffee (Fresh Brewed) Small 5 $1.29
Large 5 $1.69
Decaffeinated Coffee (Fresh Brewed) Small 0 $1.29
Large 0 $1.69

Beverages Menu

Items Size Calorie Price
Freestyle (Coca-Cola) 0-480 &1.99-$2.69
Lemonade (Sunburst Melon)  Small 280 $2.49
Medium 350 $3.09
Large 470 $3.39
Lemonade (Pineapple Mango)  Small 260 $2.49
Medium 330 $3.09
Large 420 $3.39
Lemonade (All-Natural)  Small 200 $2.39
Medium 280 $2.99
Large 330 $3.29
Lemonade (Strawberry)  Small 260 $2.49
Medium 330 $3.09
Large 420 $3.39
Iced Tea Unsweetened (Brewed) Small 5 $1.69
Medium 10 $1.99
Large 10 $2.39
Iced Tea Sweetened  Small 260 $1.69
Medium 390 $1.99
Large 520 $2.39
Bottled Water (Pure Life) 0 $1.79
Milk 90 $1.59
Chocolate Milk 140 $1.59
Fruit Punch (Honest Kids 35 $1.59
Orange Juice (Simply) 160 $2.49

Famous Food Items At Wendy’s Breakfast

When waking up hungry, Wendy’s guarantees a fulfilling start through creative breakfast offerings prepared fresh daily. Satisfying sausage, ham or chicken pack flavorful sandwiches while signature biscuits and light croissants add comforting carb balance. Melty cheese binds each creation as Wendy’s crack-of-dawn crew shapes Johnny’s favorites into craveable early eats.

Perennial pleasers keep fans returning morning after morning for that first bite bursting with Wendy’s trademark taste. For best-betting newcomers, consider these five go-to picks brimming with warmth and goodness:

Sausage Gravy Biscuit

This is a comforting and delicious item that features a fresh and milky biscuit covered with a thick and creamy gravy that has chunks of sausage in it. The gravy is well-seasoned and not bland at all. The biscuit is soaked with the gravy, so you will never run out of it.

Breakfast Baconator

This is a unique and tasty item that has a tender sausage patty instead of a beef patty. The egg is sandwiched between two slices of American cheese and topped with Swiss cheese sauce.

Maple Bacon Chicken Croissant

This is a crunchy and buttery item that combines a fresh croissant with thick bacon. The chicken breast is crispy and juicy, and has a hint of applewood and maple flavor.

Sausage, Egg & Swiss Croissant

This is a warm and rich item that has a fresh and buttery croissant with eggs and sausages. The egg is mixed with the Swiss cheese sauce, which adds a lot of flavor to the croissant. The sausage patties are thick and tender, and fill you up. The croissant is also big and has a lot of ingredients in it.

Classic Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich

This is a simple and decadent item that has fresh sausage patties with melted American cheese on top of them. It is a perfect combination that will satisfy your hunger in the morning.

Why Is Wendy’s Breakfast Menu So Popular?

Wendy’s is one of the best places to have a fresh and warm breakfast in the morning. They have a wide range of breakfast items that are delicious and satisfying. Here are some of the reasons why Wendy’s breakfast menu is so popular in 2023.

Great Breakfast Options:

Wendy’s has something for everyone, whether you want a classic breakfast sandwich, a croissant, a biscuit, or a baconator. You can enjoy your eggs, bacon, sausage, and cheese in different ways, and with different flavors and sauces. You can also try their French toast sticks, which are crispy and sweet.

Amazing Deals and Rewards

: Wendy’s offers great value and savings for their customers. You can order online, on the app, or at the restaurant, and choose from their Biggie Deals and Meal Deals, which include a drink and a side item. You can also join their rewards program and earn points for every dollar you spend. You can redeem your points for free items, such as salads, sandwiches, drinks, or desserts. You can also get exclusive offers, birthday treats, and other perks as a reward member.

Fresh Food:

Wendy’s makes their food fresh every day, using quality ingredients and local suppliers. They make their buns and biscuits from scratch, and their patties are never frozen. They also use fresh toppings, such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cheese. Wendy’s food is not only tasty but also fresh and safe.

Fresh and Warm Breakfast:

Wendy’s serves their breakfast items fresh and warm, so you can enjoy them at their best. They do not use microwaves or heat lamps, but cook their food to order. They also use real butter and fresh eggs, which make their food more delicious and nutritious. You can taste the difference in every bite of their breakfast items.


Wendy’s Breakfast Delivery Methods

Wendy’s has several delivery methods that you can choose from, depending on your convenience and preference. You can see the table below for more details.

In-store Yes Drive Thru Yes Available Home Delivery Yes Curbside Pickup No, not available

  • In-store: You can order your breakfast at the restaurant and enjoy it there, or take it with you. You can use the kiosk, the drive-thru, or the counter to place your order. You can also pay with cash or card, and use your rewards or coupons to get discounts or free items.
  • Drive Thru: You can order your breakfast from the comfort of your car, and pick it up at the window. You can use the app or the speaker to place your order. You can also pay with cash or card, and use your rewards or coupons to get discounts or free items.
  • Home Delivery: You can order your breakfast online, on the app, or on the phone, and have it delivered to your door. You can browse the menu, select your items, choose your delivery time, and pay online. You can also use your rewards or coupons to get discounts or free items. You can also track your order and contact the driver if needed.
  • Curbside Pickup: This option is not available at Wendy’s, as they do not offer curbside service. However, you can still order your breakfast online, on the app, or on the phone, and pick it up at the restaurant or the drive-thru. You can also use your rewards or coupons to get discounts or free items.

Wendy’s breakfast delivery methods are convenient and affordable, and you can enjoy your fresh and warm breakfast wherever you are. You can visit Wendy’s website or app to find the nearest location, browse the menu, and place your order. You can also follow Wendy’s on social media to get the latest news and updates. Thank you for reading and enjoy your breakfast! 😊

Contact Information For Wendy’s

The guide below contains all Wendy’s links to follow for more info.

Website https://www.wendys.com/
Mobile app https://www.wendys.com/wendys-app
Online order https://order.wendys.com/categories?site=menu&delivery=true
Store Locator https://order.wendys.com/location
Gift cards https://wendys.wgiftcard.com/responsive/landing_responsive/landing/wendys
Rewards https://order.wendys.com/rewards-home

Wendy’s Breakfast Menu: Frequently Asked Questions

Wendy’s breakfast menu is one of the best ways to start your day, with fresh and delicious items that will satisfy your hunger and taste buds. Here are some of the common questions and answers about Wendy’s breakfast menu that you may want to know.

Can I Order Wendy’s Breakfast All Day?

A: No, you can’t. Wendy’s breakfast menu is only available in the morning, and you can only order it at a specific time. You can check the breakfast hours of your nearest Wendy’s location on their website or app, or call them to find out. You don’t want to miss out on their amazing breakfast items, so make sure you order them in time.

Which Wendy’s Breakfast Items Are The Best?

A: Wendy’s has a variety of breakfast items that are all great, but some of them are more popular than others. Some of their best-selling items are the Breakfast Baconator, which has bacon, sausage, and egg, the Swiss croissant-Bacon & eggs, which has a flaky croissant with bacon, egg, and cheese sauce, the sausage, egg & cheese biscuit, which has a fluffy biscuit with sausage, egg, and cheese, the Maple bacon chicken biscuit, which has a crispy chicken breast with bacon and maple flavor, and the chicken biscuit with honey butter, which has a tender chicken breast with honey butter on a biscuit.

Is There a Wendy’s Breakfast Deal At $3?

A: Yes, there is. Wendy’s has a Breakfast Deal that costs only $3, and it is a great value. You can choose between bacon or sausage, seasoned potatoes, and their classic egg & cheese croissant. You can also add a drink or a side item for an extra charge. You can order this deal online, on the app, or at the restaurant, and enjoy a filling and tasty breakfast for a low price.

What Are The Healthier Items on Wendy’s Breakfast Menu?

A: Wendy’s has several breakfast items that are healthier than others, and they are still delicious. Some of them are their chicken nuggets, which are made with white meat and have less fat and calories than other meats, their apple bites, which are fresh and juicy and have no added sugar, their hamburger Jr, which has a lean beef patty and lettuce, their cheeseburger Jr, which has a lean beef patty, cheese, and lettuce, their classic bacon, egg and cheese biscuit, which has protein and calcium, their Junior Frosty, which has low-fat milk and cocoa, and their crunchy fresh toast sticks, which have whole grains and cinnamon.

Is The Bacon Real At Wendy’s?

A: Yes, it is. Wendy’s uses 100% real pork for the bacon on its breakfast menu, and it is smoked with applewood for a rich and smoky flavor. Wendy’s bacon is also thick-cut and crispy, and it goes well with any of their breakfast items. Wendy’s bacon is not only real, but also high-quality and delicious.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious way to start your day, you can’t go wrong with Wendy’s breakfast. They have everything you need to satisfy your hunger and taste buds, from warm biscuits and fresh croissants to crispy bacon and hot coffee. Plus, their prices are affordable, their food is high-quality, and their offers are irresistible. Wendy’s breakfast is the ultimate choice for a morning meal that you’ll love. McDonald’s Menu With Prices in USA

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