Umi Nami Singapore Menu Prices

Umi Nami is a popular Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Holland Village, Singapore. Known for its minimalist interior design and affordable donburi rice bowls, Umi Nami has become a go-to spot for casual Japanese fare in the neighborhood.

This article provides a detailed overview of Umi Nami’s menu and pricing, spotlighting the restaurant’s signature dishes and most popular offerings.

Umi Nami Singapore Menu Prices

Overview of Umi Nami Singapore

Umi Nami is a cozy 30-seater Japanese restaurant tucked away on Lorong Mambong in Holland Village. With its clean wooden tables, grey cement floors, and paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, the dining area exudes a relaxed, casual vibe.

The restaurant first opened its doors in early 2018 and has since gained a following for its no-frills approach to Japanese cuisine. The menu is concise and focused, with an emphasis on fresh, high-quality donburi rice bowls at wallet-friendly prices.

Donburi, meaning “bowl” in Japanese, refers to a bowl of steamed rice topped with fish, meat, vegetables, or other ingredients simmered together in a sweet-salty sauce or broth. Umi Nami’s donburi creations spotlight fresh sashimi-grade seafood and premium cuts of meat paired with a base of fluffy Japanese rice.

While the menu is simple, the flavors and presentation of each dish reflect the care and skill of the chefs. Umi Nami also offers a small selection of starters, sides, and drinks to complement the donburi.

The affordable prices, generous portions, and commitment to quality have won over many fans. On weekends, be prepared to wait for a table at this popular Holland Village spot.

Signature Donburi Bowls at Umi Nami

Umi Nami’s signature donburi bowls are the star attractions on the menu. Here are some of the most popular picks:

Aburi Salmon Don – $13

Chunks of fresh, sashimi-grade salmon are lightly torched and dressed in a sweet soy and mayonnaise sauce. Served over a bed of warm rice, the salmon is melt-in-your-mouth tender and infused with a delicate smoky flavor from the aburi torching technique. Crunchy ebiko roe and a sprinkle of sesame seeds add texture and pop.

Bara Chirashi Don – $10

Umi Nami’s most affordable donburi features an assortment of fresh sashimi cubes scattered over seasoned rice. Thinly sliced cuts of salmon, tuna, sweet tamago egg, and shrimp, along with ebiko roe, sit atop a base of vinegared sushi rice. At just $10, this bowl is a steal.

Special Salmon Don – $14

This signature creation features generous slices of sashimi-grade salmon dressed in Umi Nami’s special mayo sauce. The creamy, tangy sauce complements the fatty, buttery salmon perfectly. Served with rice, ebiko roe, and sesame seeds, it’s a simple but luxurious bowl.

Maguro Tataki Don – $15

Lightly seared cuts of fresh tuna are fanned over rice and topped with grated radish, garlic chips, and microgreens. The tuna is seared rare, maintaining its tender and buttery texture. A drizzle of ponzu sauce adds a bright, citrusy accent.

Umi Nami’s Full Donburi Menu

In addition to their signature bowls, Umi Nami offers a range of donburi creations to suit all tastes and appetites.

Rice Bowls

  • Bara Chirashi Don – $10
  • Salmon Don – $12
  • Aburi Salmon Don – $13
  • Special Salmon Don – $14
  • Maguro Zuke Don – $12
  • Maguro Tataki Don – $15
  • Unagi Don – $15

The Salmon Don features cubes of raw salmon over rice, while the Maguro Zuke Don is topped with slices of soy-marinated tuna.

The Unagi Don offers slices of grilled freshwater eel glazed in a sweet soy sauce.

Limited Bowls

  • Pork Shogayaki Don – $12

Thin slices of ginger pork paired with rice, are only available for lunch.

Mini Donburi

  • Aburi Scallop with Salmon Belly Carpaccio Don – $12
  • Ankimo with Ponzu Cha Soba – $12

Petite-sized donburi bowls, are perfect for a light lunch.

Umi Nami Starters, Sides, and More

In addition to the donburi, Umi Nami offers a selection of small starters, sides, and drinks.


  • Potato Chips – $5
  • Truffled Edamame – $8
  • Cucumber Sunomono – $5
  • Crabmeat Salad – $8


  • Salmon Sashimi – $12
  • Tuna Sashimi – $15
  • Assorted Sashimi – $20

Platters of thick-cut sashimi served with a side of soy sauce and wasabi.


  • Onsen Tamago – $3
  • Miso Soup – $3
  • Japanese Coleslaw – $5
  • Rice – $2

Cold Side Dishes

  • Cucumber Salad – $5
  • Crab Stick Salad – $5


  • Coke – $3
  • Iced Green Tea – $3
  • Barley Tea – $3

Umi Nami also offers hot green tea, cold brew coffee, juices, and Ramune Japanese soda.

Umi Nami Holland Village Location and Hours

Umi Nami is located at:

8 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village, Singapore 277674

The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner:

  • Monday to Thursday: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10:30pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 11pm
  • Sunday: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm

Closed on public holidays.

The best time to visit is on weekdays during lunch, when you can usually get a table easily. Weekend dinners tend to be very busy.

Take note that Umi Nami is cashless – they accept Visa, MasterCard, and NETS.

The Vibe and Ambience at Umi Nami

The dining area at Umi Nami is small and intimate, with seating for around 30 guests at wooden tables and stools. The look is minimalist, with grey cement floors, exposed ceiling pipes, and cream walls.

Japanese paper lanterns suspended from the ceiling and fresh orchids on each table provide pops of color and warmth. Natural light streams in from the front glass windows during the day.

The atmosphere is casual and laidback – great for a quick lunch or dinner with friends. The friendly staff and open kitchen add to the cozy, welcoming vibe.

While reservations are not taken, you can call ahead to get your name on the waiting list if dining at peak hours.

The tight seating makes Umi Nami better suited for small groups rather than big parties. Solo diners will also feel comfortable eating at the counter.

The Flavors and Quality at Umi Nami

The highlight of Umi Nami is the fresh, high-quality ingredients used in all of the dishes.

The fish – including salmon, tuna, mackerel, sea bream, and more – is top-grade sashimi imported directly from Japan’s fish markets. You can taste the freshness in the clean, pure flavors.

The donburi toppings are cooked to order in small batches, ensuring they are served at peak freshness. The chefs carefully torch, sear, and simmer the proteins and vegetables to enhance natural flavors.

The rice is premium-grade short-grain Japanese rice, prepared with a seasoned vinegar dressing. It has a pleasing chewy-yet-fluffy texture and forms the perfect base for the donburi.

While the menu is simple, it is executed exceptionally well. The flavors are clean and pure, allowing the quality of the ingredients to shine.

Is Umi Nami Good Value For Money?

For the quality of the food and generous portions, Umi Nami offers excellent value for money.

At just $10 for their signature Bara Chirashi Don, the price is a steal compared to many other Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

The proteins – including sashimi-grade salmon, tuna, unagi eel, scallops, and swordfish – would cost much more if ordered as sashimi or sushi at a high-end establishment.

Yet at Umi Nami, you can enjoy these premium seafood and cuts of meat in hearty donburi creations at wallet-friendly prices.

Most rice bowls range from $10 – $15, and many customers feel the quality exceeds the price paid. The starters, sides, and drinks are also reasonably priced.

While portions may look small, they are generous considering the price. The donburi are satiating and packed with umami flavor in each bite.

Umi Nami Singapore – The Verdict

Umi Nami fills a niche in Singapore’s dining scene, offering high-quality Japanese fare at prices that won’t break the bank.

The concise menu puts the spotlight on skillfully executed donburi made with premium ingredients. Diners can enjoy sashimii-grade salmon, tuna, and more at a fraction of what they would pay elsewhere.

The cozy, casual setting in Holland Village makes it a perfect spot for a quick weeknight dinner or laidback weekend lunch with friends. Solo diners will also appreciate the friendly counter seating.

While the menu is simple, the flavors are outstanding and do justice to the top-notch proteins. The seasoned rice provides the perfect canvas for fresh fish, torch-seared meats, and flavorful sauces.

Umi Nami proves that you don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy high-quality Japanese cuisine. Their commitment to serving affordable donburi made with care has won over many devoted fans.

If you are looking for delicious, fuss-free Japanese comfort food in Holland Village, Umi Nami is a must-try.

Frequently Asked Questions About Umi Nami

Here are answers to some common questions about Umi Nami Singapore:

1. What is the full menu at Umi Nami?

The menu focuses on donburi rice bowls topped with proteins like salmon, tuna, pork, unagi eel, scallops, and more. Other items include starters like edamame and crabmeat salad, sashimi platters, sides such as tamago and miso soup, and drinks.

2. Does Umi Nami take reservations?

No, they do not accept reservations. During peak hours, you can call to get your name on the waiting list.

3. What are the payment methods accepted?

Umi Nami is cashless – they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and NETS.

4. Is there parking near Umi Nami?

There is limited street parking on Lorong Mambong. Holland Village Hawker Center and Holland Road also have public parking lots a short walk away. Taking public transport is recommended.

5. What is the dress code?

The dress code is casual. Jeans, shorts, and flip-flops are all fine.

6. Is Umi Nami halal certified?

No, Umi Nami is not halal certified.

7. Do they offer delivery?

No, Umi Nami does not offer delivery services. All food is served eat-in only.

8. What are the best dishes to try at Umi Nami?

Top picks include the Aburi Salmon Don, Special Salmon Don, Bara Chirashi Don, Maguro Tataki Don, and any of the fresh sashimi platters.

9. Is Umi Nami good for groups and gatherings?

The cozy interior is better suited for small groups of 2-4 people. Large groups may not be able to get seating together.

10. Is there a lunch menu or a set menu?

No, the menu remains the same for lunch and dinner. There are no set menus or promotional menus.

The Verdict: An Affordable Japanese Gem in Holland Village

For delicious and affordable donburi creations made with quality ingredients, Umi Nami is a top choice. The relaxed, casual ambiance makes it easy to enjoy their specialty rice bowls any day of the week.

While the menu is simple, the execution and flavors are outstanding, especially considering the wallet-friendly prices. Umi Nami proves that you don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy excellent Japanese cuisine in Singapore.

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