Mcdo Burgers Menu Prices in Philippines

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food chains in the Philippines, known for its burgers, fries, and iconic golden arches. With over 600 locations across the country, McDonald’s offers a wide selection of burgers to suit all tastes and budgets. This article provides a comprehensive overview of McDonald’s burger menu and prices in the Philippines.

Mcdo Burgers Menu Prices in Philippines

Mcdo Burgers Menu Prices in Philippines

McDonald’s Philippines serves up a mouthwatering array of burgers, from classic cheeseburgers to premium Angus beef patties. Here is the complete list of burgers on the McDonald’s Philippines menu:

  • Burger McDo – The basic hamburger with a 100% beef patty, ketchup, mustard, onions, and a toasted bun.
  • Cheesy Burger McDo – A Burger McDo topped with a slice of melted cheese.
  • McCrispy Chicken Sandwich – A crispy chicken fillet with mayo and lettuce on a sesame seed bun.
  • Cheeseburger – Features a 100% beef patty, cheese, onions, ketchup, mustard, and a toasted bun.
  • Cheeseburger Deluxe – A Cheeseburger with tomato, onions, ketchup, mustard, and a toasted bun.
  • Double Cheeseburger – Two 100% beef patties and a slice of cheese, with onions, ketchup, mustard, and a toasted bun.
  • Ebi Burger – A shrimp patty burger with lettuce, tartar sauce, and a toasted bun.
  • K-Chicken Burger – Spicy fried chicken with mayo and lettuce on a toasted bun.
  • McChicken – A crispy chicken fillet with mayo and lettuce.
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese – McDonald’s signature burger with a quarter pound 100% beef patty and cheese.
  • Big Mac – The two-patty burger with cheese, special sauce, onions, pickles, and lettuce on a sesame bun.

McDonald’s also offers value meals and combo meals, pairing burgers with fries and drinks for added savings. Popular sides include medium and large fries, as well as McFloats.


McDonald’s burger prices in the Philippines range from ₱39 for a basic hamburger to ₱190 for premium burgers. Here are sample prices for key menu items:

  • Burger McDo – ₱39 for solo, ₱55 with fries (medium)
  • Cheeseburger – ₱66 solo, ₱99 with fries (medium)
  • McCrispy Chicken Sandwich – ₱95 solo, ₱128 with fries (medium)
  • Ebi Burger – ₱160 solo
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese – ₱158 solo, ₱191 with fries (medium)
  • Big Mac – ₱190 solo, ₱223 with fries (medium)
  • Fries Medium – ₱55
  • Fries Large – ₱82
  • McFloat – ₱37

Prices at McDonald’s Philippines may vary by exact location. Taxes apply on top of the listed prices.

Ordering Tips

Here are some useful tips for getting the most value when ordering burgers at McDonald’s Philippines:

  • Opt for combo meals to get burgers paired with fries and drinks at a discounted price.
  • Order à la carte burgers solo if you don’t want fries or a drink.
  • Choose medium fries over large to save on calories and cost if you don’t need a huge portion.
  • Download the McDonald’s Philippines app for exclusive deals and discounts.
  • Sign up for myMcDo Rewards to earn points and redeem rewards on future purchases.
  • Avoid delivery fees by opting for takeout or drive-thru rather than delivery.
  • Special promos and discounts are often available through GrabFood and foodpanda.
  • Time your visit for off-peak hours to avoid long lines and get served faster.

Nutrition Information

McDonald’s Philippines provides detailed nutrition information for all menu items on its website and in-store. Here are some key nutrition facts to consider when choosing your burger:

  • Calories – Range from 250 calories for a basic hamburger to 670 calories for a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.
  • Fat – Most burgers have 10-25g of fat, mainly from the meat patty and cheese.
  • Sodium – Can be high, around 800-1200mg, so limit salty condiments if concerned.
  • Protein – A good source with around 20-30g per burger from the beef or chicken.
  • Fiber – Very little, around 1-3g. Add extra veggies to boost.
  • Sugar – Around 5-15g per burger from condiments and the bun.

When comparing McDonald’s burgers, the grilled chicken options like the McChicken are generally lower in fat and calories than the beef burgers. Those looking to limit sodium should go easy on condiments like ketchup.

Why Choose McDonald’s Burgers?

McDonald’s burgers remain a go-to fast food option for many Filipinos for the following reasons:

Convenience – With hundreds of locations nationwide, McDonald’s is easy to find and offers speedy service.

Value – Prices remain budget-friendly, especially when ordering combo meals.

Customization – Burgers can be customized with extra toppings and condiments to suit preferences.

Familiarity – Many grew up eating McDonald’s so the taste is comforting and familiar.

Consistency – You know exactly what you’ll get from a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder every time.

Kid-Friendly – From Happy Meals to reliable chicken nuggets, McDonald’s appeals to kids.

Late Hours – Many locations are open 24 hours, ideal for a quick late-night meal.

While not the healthiest dining option, McDonald’s burgers satisfy cravings thanks to their signature flavors, convenience, and affordable prices.

How McDonald’s Burgers Are Made

Ever wondered how McDonald’s burgers are made? Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at the process:

  • Sourcing Ingredients – McDonald’s Philippines sources beef patties, chicken fillets, buns, and veggies from approved local suppliers.
  • Forming Patties – Beef patties are formed by machines to ensure uniform sizing and shape.
  • Cooking – Burgers are grilled on a hot flat iron grill for fast cooking. Chicken is deep fried in vegetable oil.
  • Assembling – Sandwiches are assembled in the proper ingredient order per McDonald’s specifications.
  • Packaging – Burgers are wrapped and packaged while hot and fresh.
  • Holding – Patties are held in warming trays until ordering. Buns are toasted right before sandwich assembly.
  • Customizing – Customers can personalize burgers with condiments and toppings at self-serve stations.
  • Serving – Burgers are served hot and fresh, with fries cooked to order in separate fryers.

McDonald’s uses streamlined processes to ensure speed, consistency, and food safety across all locations. Automation helps keep burgers uniformly prepared to the company’s strict standards.

Tips for Enjoying McDonald’s Burgers

Here are some pro tips for getting the most satisfaction from your McDonald’s burger experience:

  • Order burgers “dressed like a Mac” to get Big Mac sauce and shredded lettuce even on basic burgers.
  • Request extra pickles or onions to amplify flavor.
  • Opt for grilled chicken for a lower-fat alternative to beef.
  • Try dipping fries in McDonald’s sweet chili sauce for a flavor kick.
  • Use self-serve kiosks to fully customize your burger’s toppings and condiments.
  • Mobile order ahead to skip lines and ensure your food is hot and ready.
  • Share a meal by ordering a double burger and splitting fries to save money.
  • Order breakfast burgers like the Sausage McMuffin for a change of pace.
  • Take advantage of deals in the McDonald’s Philippines app for the best value.
  • Request no salt on fries if limiting sodium intake.

With these handy tips, you can maximize both taste and savings when you grab your next McDonald’s burger meal.

History of McDonald’s Philippines

McDonald’s has a long and storied history in the Philippines stretching back over 30 years. Here are some key milestones:

  • 1981 – The first McDonald’s opens in Morayta, Manila on October 7. Huge crowds flock to the new fast food sensation.
  • 1982 – McDonald’s Philippines begins sourcing all meats, buns and produce locally to ensure freshness.
  • 1994 – The 100th Philippine McDonald’s opens its doors in Mindoro.
  • 1997 – McDonald’s became the first QSR chain in the Philippines to launch a website.
  • 2004 – The first McCafé location opens, serving an array of coffee drinks alongside meals.
  • 2012 – McDonald’s Philippines launches the National Breakfast Day tradition, encouraging Filipino families to bond over breakfast.
  • 2020 – Drive-thru and takeout become emphasized during the Covid-19 pandemic. Digital ordering is accelerated.
  • 2022 – McDonald’s celebrates its 41st anniversary in the Philippines with over 600 restaurants nationwide.

From humble beginnings with a single Manila location, McDonald’s has become part of the fabric of modern Philippine culture over the past four decades. Its burgers, fries, and shakes are now Filipino favourites.

Fun McDonald’s Philippines Facts

Beyond just burgers and fries, McDonald’s Philippines has some delightful quirks that make it a unique dining experience:

  • McDonald’s Philippines menu items often have fun local twists, like burgers with rice buns, Spaghetti with Chicken McDo, and McSpaghetti.
  • Over 50% of Filipino McDonald’s locations feature “Maalaga Moms” to assist customers in the dining area.
  • McDonald’s Philippines menu items are among the most affordable in the Asian region, catering to local budgets.
  • McDonald’s offers halo-halo as a seasonal treat, blending local flavours into its roster of desserts.
  • McDonald’s Philippines frequently adds limited-time offerings aligned with current pop culture trends, like BTS Meals.
  • The Philippines is home to one of the busiest McDonald’s locations globally, at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.
  • McDonald’s Philippines locations often feature unique architectural designs not found in other countries.
  • McDonald’s Philippines runs sustainability initiatives like recycling used oil into biodiesel fuel.
  • McDonald’s Philippines menu highlights local flavours with items like the McAdobo Burger.

From employing Maalaga Moms to dishing up McSpaghetti, McDonald’s Philippines has embraced the country’s culture. It’s a one-of-a-kind McDonald’s experience showcasing Filipino hospitality.

Frequently Asked Questions About McDonald’s Philippines Burgers

Here are answers to some common questions about McDonald’s burgers in the Philippines:

The most popular burgers are the Cheeseburger, Big Mac, and Quarter Pounder with Cheese. The McChicken is also a top-seller.

Does McDonald’s offer burger combo meals?

Yes, McDonald’s offers combo meals pairing burgers with fries and a drink for a discounted price compared to ordering items individually.

Can you customize McDonald’s burgers?

Yes, McDonald’s allows for burger customization at no extra cost. You can add or remove toppings and condiments at self-serve kiosks or by special request.

Does McDonald’s serve a vegan burger?

Not currently. The burger patties at McDonald’s Philippines are all either 100% pure beef or chicken. There is no plant-based burger option.

Can you get McDonald’s burgers delivered?

Yes, McDonald’s Philippines offers delivery through GrabFood, food panda, and LalaFood. Delivery fees and minimum order amounts apply.

When does McDonald’s serve lunch and dinner?

Breakfast is served until 10:30 am. The full lunch and dinner menu kicks in from 10:30 am onwards at most locations.

Does McDonald’s allow burger substitutions or upgrades?

Yes, you can swap out beef patties for grilled or crispy chicken at no extra cost. Burgers can also be upgraded to double patties for an added fee.

What sauces and condiments come on McDonald’s burgers?

Standard condiments are ketchup, mustard, mayo, and McDonald’s special sauce.


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