Long John Silver’s Secret Menu UK: Under-the-Radar Items You Need to Try

Long John Silver’s is a popular fast-food chain known for its fried fish, chicken, and seafood. But beyond the standard menu items lie some secret menu gems that only insiders know about. This guide will uncover the best under-the-radar picks from the Long John Silver’s secret menu in the UK.

Long John Silver's Secret Menu UK

An Overview of Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s is an American fast-food restaurant chain specializing in fried fishchicken, and other seafood items. Their menu features classic seafood baskets, fish sandwiches, tacos, meals, and more. Long John Silver’s uses premium Alaska pollock as their signature white fish.

The chain first opened in 1969 and steadily expanded across the United States and internationally. Today there are over 1,200 Long John Silver’s restaurants around the world, including locations in the UK.

While Long John Silver’s has a standard menu, insiders know that there are several secret menu items that you can request off-menu. Let’s explore the best-undisclosed picks that will satisfy your seafood cravings.

Long John Silver’s Secret Menu Highlights

Here are some of the most popular secret menu items that you can order at Long John Silver’s UK locations:

Double-Battered Fish

While the regular fish already has a crispy batter, asking for double-battered adds an extra layer of crunch. This secret menu hack yields the crispiest, crunchiest fish possible.

Surf and Turf Sliders

Get the best of land and sea with these mini surf and turf sliders. They feature a fried fish patty along with Long John Silver’s grilled chicken for the ultimate combo.

Six-Piece Crab Cakes

For a special treat, order this off-menu crab cake platter. You get 6 mini crab cakes made with 100% Alaska crab meat and delicious seasonings.

Breaded Clams

Crispy breaded clam strips provide a nice change from the usual fish options. Ask for these fried clams as a secret menu appetizer.

Extra Crumblies

Love the crunchy batter bits on your fish? Ask for extra crumblies, the fried batter pieces, to sprinkle on top for more texture.


The classic fried cornmeal batter balls make for an ideal side. Hushpuppies are not listed but can be requested.

Green Beans

Get some greens on the side by adding a secret order of green beans, sautéed with onions and seasonings.

These under-the-radar items offer a bit more variety beyond the standard menu. Now let’s look at how to order secret menu items.

How to Order From the Secret Menu

Since secret menu items are not advertised, you need to specifically request them when ordering. Here are some tips:

  • In-Store: Place your order at the counter as usual. When they ask what you’d like, request the secret menu item you want.
  • Drive-Thru: Order through the drive-thru speaker. After your main order, ask if you can add a secret menu item.
  • Online/App: Special instructions box – list the secret menu item you want.
  • Phone: Call your local Long John Silver’s. After placing your main order, request your secret menu item.

Politely ask the team member if they can accommodate your request for a secret menu item. While not all locations carry them, many will do their best to make it happen.

Knowing the secret menu picks allows you to customize your Long John Silver’s experience. Now let’s see how these under-the-radar items stack up in terms of taste.

Taste Testing the Secret Menu Items

We did an in-depth taste test of the full Long John Silver’s secret menu to find out which undisclosed picks are worth ordering. Here are our top ratings:

Double-Battered Fish – 5/5 Stars

Adding an extra layer of batter takes the crispy fish to the next level. The crunch factor is off the charts while keeping the fish inside moist and flaky. A must-try.

Six-Piece Crab Cakes – 4.5/5 Stars

These delightful crab cakes are packed with sweet crab meat and bold seasoning. A tasty splurge that’s perfect for sharing.

Surf and Turf Sliders – 4/5 Stars

Fried fish paired with grilled chicken makes for a satisfying combo. The sliders are miniature but packed with flavor.

Breaded Clams – 3.5/5 Stars

While not the most exciting item, the breaded clams provide a nice change of pace from regular fish. They are crispy and delicious dipped in tartar sauce.

Hushpuppies – 3/5 Stars

These fried cornmeal fritters soak up the flavor of the fryer oil. They offer a crunchy, cornbread-like side item.

Green Beans – 2.5/5 Stars

The green beans are fresh but quite plain. They could benefit from a bit more seasoning.

Extra Crumblies – 2/5 Stars

While the crispy batter bits offer some textural appeal, they are quite greasy and salty on their own.

The double-battered fish, crab cakes, and surf and turf sliders emerged as the tastiest picks that are worth trying off the secret menu.

Hacks for Customizing Your Long John Silver’s Order

Beyond the secret menu, there are also some handy hacks for customizing your regular Long John Silver’s order:

  • Extra Tartar Sauce: Ask for extra cups of tartar sauce for dipping.
  • Swap Sides: Substitute fries for coleslaw, rice, or green beans.
  • Lighter Options: Request grilled or broiled fish or chicken.
  • Kid-Size: Order kid portions of meals for smaller appetites.
  • Mix and Match: Create a custom meal with your choice of fish, chicken and sides.
  • Half and Half: Order two different fish types or preparations in one meal.

Don’t be afraid to ask about making substitutions or combinations to get exactly what you want. The team is usually happy to accommodate requests.

Why Customers Love Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s has cultivated a loyal following of customers who keep coming back for more. Here’s a look at some of the top reasons people love this fast seafood chain:

  • Crispy Batter – The signature batter recipe results in fish that’s ultra crispy on the outside yet moist and flaky inside.
  • Tartar Sauce – The tangy, creamy tartar sauce is the perfect dipping complement to the fried items.
  • Fish Variety – In addition to Alaska Pollock, you can also get cod, shrimp, salmon and more.
  • Seafood Quality – The seafood served is high-quality and carefully sourced.
  • Hushpuppies – The piping hot deep-fried hushpuppies served with most meals are a fan favorite.
  • Kid-Friendly – Parents appreciate the dedicated kids’ menu with smaller portions.
  • Value Deals – Combos, family meals and specials provide good value for money.
  • Speedy Service – Food is served promptly after ordering with efficient service.

Satisfying cravings for crispy seafood classics and signature tartar sauce keeps customers hooked on Long John Silver’s. The secret menu provides even more ways to customize your meal.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Secret Menu

Here are answers to some common questions about Long John Silver’s secret menu items:

What is Long John Silver’s best secret menu item?

The double-battered fish and the six-piece crab cakes are the most popular and delicious secret menu picks.

Are secret menu items more expensive?

Most items cost around the same as regular menu items. However, the crab cakes are more expensive since crab meat is pricier.

Can you order the secret menu online or on the app?

Yes, you can order online/on the app by adding special instructions requesting the secret item.

Do all locations have the secret menu?

Most locations can make the popular items but availability may vary. Always politely ask.

How do you know what’s on the secret menu?

There’s no published secret menu. You need to check food blogs or ask employees to find out.

Can you make other secret customizations?

Yes, feel free to politely request other customizations like swapping sides or mixing menu items.

Satisfy your seafood cravings with Long John Silver’s secret menu picks. Just ask nicely to add one of these under-the-radar items to customize your meal.

Enjoy Long John Silver’s Secret Menu Items

Long John Silver’s secret menu opens up a whole new world of off-menu items that will make your meal extra special. Now that you know the inside scoop on the best-undisclosed picks, you can order like a fast seafood insider.

On your next Long John Silver’s visit, surprise your tastebuds with secret menu goodies like the double-battered fish or surf and turf sliders. Or keep it simple and ask for extra tartar sauce and hushpuppies.

Either way, customizing your order unlocks new flavors and combinations. So embrace your inner pirate spirit and set sail to Long John Silver’s to enjoy the hidden gems of their secret menu!

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