Jack in The Box Menu With Prices 2023

Jack in the Box has earned a reputation for surprising customers’ tastebuds with inventive and One-of-a-kind taste menu creations for over 70 years. Beyond the classics like their famous tacos, curly fries and burgers, Jack in the Box offers lighter options, kids’ meals and all-day breakfast as well.

Start your day right with breakfast sandwiches, burritos and tacos to satisfy morning cravings. Come lunchtime, sink your teeth into Jumbo Jack burgers piled high with bacon and cheese or pick from grilled chicken sandwiches and tiny tacos for a lighter bite. Don’t forget shareable appetizers and sides like cheesy bread and cinnamon twists that beg to be passed around the table. Customized combo meals allow you to pair favorites like spicy chicken sandwiches, fries and a drink for one affordable price.

With quality ingredients and signature flavor profiles perfected over decades, Jack in the Box provides a little something for every appetite while never compromising on taste. Check out the latest menu offerings and deals to experience their creativity for yourself at your nearest location.

Jack In The Box Mega Munchie Box Price

Items Calories Price
Mega Munchie Box (Below Items Are Included) 3530 $20.00
3 pcs Curly-Fries (Large)
14 pcs Jalapenos (Stuffed)
30 pcs Tacos (Tiny)
3 pcs Ranch-Dip (Buttermilk-Cups)
3pcs Lime Dip Cups (Creamy-Avocado)
Late Night
Customize items for late-night dinner:(You can choose Entrée, Sides, Drinks)


Jack In The Box Breakfast Combo Meals

Items Calories Price
Sausage-Croissant 510-1610 $6.39
Supreme-Croissant 400-1500 $6.79
Burrito For Meat Lovers 830-1930 $7.29
Burrito With Grande Sausage 1090-2190 $7.29
Sandwich With Extreme Sausage 680-1850 $6.79
Loaded-Sandwich 740-1840 $7.19
Egg(Sausage) & Cheese Biscuit 560-1660 $5.59
Sandwich (Ultimate) 550-1650 $6.99
Jumbo Platter With Sausage & Bacon 740-1840 $7.29
Bacon- Egg And Cheese-Biscuit 440-1540 $5.49
Jumbo Platter With Sausage 650-1750 $6.89
Jumbo Platter With Bacon 570-1670 $6.89
Bacon-Jack 410-1510 $4.79
Sausage-Jack 530-1630 $4.79
Jack 380-1480 $4.69

Jack In The Box Burger Combo Meals

Items Size Calories Price
Jack- (Triple-Bonus) Small 730-1550 $6.49
Medium 790-1690 $6.98
Large 740-1830 $7.38
Jack- (Double-Bonus) Small 590-1410 $5.49
Medium 590-1550 $5.98
Large 600-1690 $6.38
Sourdough Jack  Small 730-1550 $9.09
Medium 730-1690 $9.58
Large 850-1940 $9.98
Jack’s-Cheeseburger-(Bacon Twice Buttery)  Small 1080-1900 $9.49
Medium 1080-2040 $9.98
Large 1080-2180 $10.38
Cheeseburger (Bacon Ultimate) Small 960-1780 $9.49
Medium 960-1920 $9.98
Large 970-2060 $10.38
Double-Jack  Small 860-1680 $8.89
Medium 860-1820 $9.38
Large 870-1960 $9.78
Cheeseburger (Ultimate) Small 870-1690 $9.29
Medium 870-1830 $9.78
Large 880-1970 $10.18
Jumbo-Jack  Small 550-1470 $6.49
Medium 550-1610 $6.98
Large 560-1750 $7.38
Cheeseburger-Jumbo Jack  Small 630-1450 $7.19
Medium 630-1590 $7.68
Large 640-1730 $8.08

Chicken Combos

Items Size Calories Price
Jack’s-Chicken (Spicy)  Small 650-1470 $8.79
Medium 650-1610 $9.28
Large 660-1750 $9.68
Jack’s-Chicken (Spicy) With Cheese Small 720-1540 $8.99
Medium 720-1680 $9.48
Large 730-1820 $9.88
Ranch-Chicken-Club (Homestyle) Small 730-1550 $9.29
Medium 730-1690 $9.78
Large 740-1830 $10.18
Cluck-Sandwich Small 700-1520 $8.99
Medium 700-1660 $9.48
Large 710-1800 $9.88
4 Chicken-Strips- Crispy  Small 650-1470 $9.29
Medium 650-1610 $9.78
Large 660-1750 $10.18
Sandwich (Grilled-Chicken) Small 530-1350 $8.49
Medium 530-1490 $8.98
Large 540-1630 $9.38
10 Chicken-Nuggets Small 510-1330 $6.89
Medium 510-1470 $7.38
Large 520-1610 $7.78
6 Chicken-Strips- Crispy  Small 960-1780 $11.29
Medium 960-1920 $11.78
Large 970-2080 $12.18
Fajita-Pita (Chicken) Small 360-1180 $8.89
Medium 360-1320 $9.38
Large 370-1460 $9.78
Chicken-Teriyaki (Bowl) 790-1820 $9.49

Burgers Menu

Items Calories Price
Sourdough-Jack 700 $6.29
Cheeseburger-Jumbo Jack Jr. 440 $2.69
Cheeseburger-Jumbo Jack 600 $4.19
Jumbo-Jack 520 $3.69
Jumbo-Jack (Jr.) 400 $2.39
Cheeseburger (Ultimate) 930 $6.29
Double-Jack 830 $6.19
Cheeseburger (Jr. Bacon) 470 $2.59
Cheeseburger (Bacon Ultimate) 930 $6.69
Jack’s-Cheeseburger-(Bacon Twice Buttery) 1050 $7.99

Chicken Menu

Items Calories Price
Jack’s-Chicken (Spicy) 550 $6.49
Jack’s-Chicken (Spicy) With Cheese 620 $6.79
Ranch-Chicken-Club (Homestyle) 680 $6.79
Cluck-Sandwich 490 $6.49
4 Chicken-Strips- Crispy 620 $6.99
Chicken-Sandwich 510 $2.19
Sandwich (Grilled-Chicken) $6.79
10 Chicken-Nuggets 480 $3.99
6 Chicken-Strips- Crispy 540 $8.89
5 Chicken-Nuggets 240 $2.39
Fajita-Pita (Chicken) 330 $6.29
Chicken-Teriyaki (Bowl) 720 $6.99

All Day Breakfast

Items Calories Price
Sausage-Croissant 560 $4.19
Supreme-Croissant 370 $4.59
Burrito For Meat Lovers 800 $5.59
Burrito With Grande Sausage 1060 $5.59
Sandwich With Extreme Sausage 650 $4.59
Loaded-Sandwich 710 $5.19
Egg(Sausage) & Cheese Biscuit 530 $3.59
Sandwich (Ultimate) 520 $5.19
Jumbo Platter With Sausage & Bacon 710 $5.49
Cheddar-Sandwich (Grilled Sourdough) 590 $4.99
Bacon- Egg And Cheese-Biscuit 410 $3.39
Jumbo Platter With Sausage 620 $4.99
Jumbo Platter With Bacon 540 $4.99
Bacon-Jack 380 $2.89
Sausage-Jack 500 $2.89
Jack 350 $2.69
Hash-Brown 190 $2.19
Mini-Pancakes 260 $2.19

Deals & Digital Exclusives (Customizable)

Items Size Calories Price
Croissant-Sausage 2 1120 $6.00
Tacos 2 340 $0.99

What’s New

Items Size Calories Price
Jack-Combo (Double-Bonus) Small 590-1410 $5.49
Medium 590-1550 $5.98
Large 600-1690 $6.38
Jack (Double-Bonus) 560 $4.79
Jack-Combo (Triple-Bonus) Small 730-1550 $6.49
Medium 790-1690 $6.98
Large 740-1830 $7.38
Jack (Triple-Bonus) 700 $5.79
Taco-Monster (2) Pc 470 $3.00
Mega-Munchie-Box 3530 $20.00

Kids Items

Items Calories Price
5 Chicken-Nuggets 240 $2.39
5 Chicken-Nuggets-Meal (Side+Drink) 265-570 $4.89
Hamburger 340 $1.69
Hamburger-Meal (Side+Drink) 385-670 $4.59
Cheeseburger 380 $1.89
Cheeseburger-Meal (Side+Drink) 425-710 $4.79

Tacos Menu

Items Size Calories Price
Taco (Monster) 2 pcs 470 $3.00
Tacos (Tiny) 15 pcs 530 $3.50
Loaded-Tacos (Tiny) 15 pcs 680 $4.50
2 Pcs Tacos For $0.99 2 340 $0.99

Lighter Options

Items Calories Price
Club-Salad (Chicken-Crispy) 510 $7.19
Club-Salad (Chicken-Grilled) 350 $7.19
Chicken-Grilled-Salad (Southwest) 340 $7.19
Chicken-Grilled-Salad 230 $7.19
Side-Salad 20 $2.49
Chicken-Crispy-Salad (Southwest) 500 $7.19

Fries & Sides

Items Size Calories Price
French-Fries Small 300 $2.69
Medium 430 $2.99
Large 550 $3.29
Curly-Fries Small 280 $2.89
Medium 430 $3.29
Large 480 $3.59
Halfsie-Fries 390 $3.00
Egg-Roll (Jumbo) 1 pc 210 $3.19
Onion-Rings 220 $3.99
Jalapenos-(Stuffed) 7 pcs 510 $4.89
3 pcs 220 $3.69
White-Rice 400 $1.30
Applesauce 45 $1.49

Drinks Menu

Items Size Calories Price
Cocacola Small 250-500 $2.29
Medium 250-500 $2.49
Large 250-500 $2.69
Zero-Suger-Cocacola Small 0 $2.29
Medium 0 $2.49
Large 0 $2.69
Diet-Coke Small 2-4 $2.29
Medium 2-4 $2.49
Large 2-4 $2.69
Sprite Small 240-480 $2.29
Medium 240-480 $2.49
Large 240-480 $2.69
Fanta Small 225-450 $2.29
Medium 225-450 $2.49
Large 225-450 $2.69
Barq’s-Root-Beer Small 280 $2.29
Medium 430 $2.49
Large 570 $2.69
Dr. Pepper Small 243 $2.29
Medium 365 $2.49
Large 487 $2.69
Dr. Pepper- Diet Small 0 $2.29
Medium 0 $2.49
Large 0 $2.69
Fuze-Iced-Tea (Zero Sugar) Small 5 $2.29
Medium 10 $2.49
Large 10 $2.69
Fuze-Iced-Tea Small 210 $2.29
Medium 320 $2.49
Large 430 $2.69
Iced-Tea(Gold Peak) Small 5 $2.29
Medium 10 $2.49
Large 10 $2.69
Black-Coffee (Iced) Regular 10 $2.39
Large 10 $3.19
Arabica Coffee-(High Mountain) Regular 5 $1.59
Large 10 $1.99
Arabica-Decaf-Coffee (High Mountain) Regular 5 $1.79
Large 10 $2.19
Cream-Iced-Coffee (Mocha Sweet) Medium 190 $3.19
Large 320 $3.69
Cream-Iced-Coffee (Vanilla Sweet) Regular 180 $3.19
Large 270 $3.69
Milk (Low-Fat) 110 $2.19
Simply-Orange 160 $2.99
Minute-Maid (100% Apple-Juice) 80 $1.79

Shakes & Desserts

Items Calories Price
Oreo-Shake (Regular) 700 $5.89
Oreo-Shake (Large) 980 $6.19
Chocolate-Shake (Regular) 680 $5.49
Chocolate-Shake (Large) 960 $5.99
Strawberry-Shake(Regular) 650 $5.49
Strawberry-Shake(Large) 920 $5.99
Basic Witch-Shake (Regular) 760 $5.89
Basic Witch-Shake (Large) 1080 $6.19
Vanilla-Shake(Regular) 580 $5.49
Vanilla-Shake(Large) 810 $5.99
Mini-Churros(Regular) 350 $2.39

What is Jack in The Box Combo, How Much & What is The Double Jumbo Pack?

When a basic hamburger just doesn’t cut it, Jack in the Box offers indulgent yet affordable combo meals and jumbo burgers to satisfy bigger appetites. Their signature Burger and Chicken Combos pair a juicy patty or crispy fillet sandwich with large, hot fries and a fountain drink of choice. This complete meal provides quality ingredients and customizable flavors at a wallet-friendly combo price.

In addition, the Double Jumbo Jack Burger offers two beef patties piled high with melty cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and other toppings you crave. It balances bold flavors and quality ingredients for just $8.89, packing up to 1,680 calories. No matter your budget or cravings, Jack in the Box combos and jumbo burgers deliver a lot of Addictive taste in one filling meal. Next time hunger strikes, customize your own affordable combo or jumbo burger piled high with your favorite toppings at your nearest Jack in the Box.

Some Delicious Items From Jack In The Box

With over 70 years of perfecting creative flavors, Jack in the Box has cemented itself in fast food fame thanks to beloved menu items that keep devoted fans coming back. Signature burgers like the Sourdough Jack strike an artful balance between juicy beef patties, melty cheese, crispy bacon, fresh veggies and tangy sauces sandwiched between toasted sourdough bread. Their Chicken Nuggets take you back to childhood with crispy breaded chicken breast bites ready to dip and dunk to your heart’s content. On busy days you can savor nutritious Fresh Fiesta Salads packed with grill-seared chicken, hearty beans, corn, crispy tortilla strips and rich salsa ranch dressing. And no matter the time of day, nothing satisfies quite like piping hot churros coated in cinnamon sugar with sweet dipping sauce on the side.

Jack in the Box has spent decades honing in on creative flavors and quality ingredients that craft Must-try menu items beyond the basics. Next time you visit, discover new and classic favorites from burgers to desserts that have earned this fast food stop such devotion among fans over the generations. Here are just some of their most popular items:

01. Sourdough Jack 

The Sourdough Jack stands out as a longtime fan-favorite burger from Jack in the Box after over 70 years of perfecting their one-of-a-kind flavors. This signature sandwich starts with fresh-baked sourdough bread cradling a hot, juicy all-beef patty cooked just right. Oozing melted cheese, crispy bacon, a tangy special sauce and cool shredded lettuce add even more indulgence between those toasty sourdough slices. It brings together your favorite burger flavors and textures into one handheld creation you can’t find matched elsewhere.

Devoted customers know just how delectable and craveworthy this innovative signature burger can be. The Sourdough Jack promises an elevated experience from first bite to last compared to a standard cheeseburger. From that zesty signature sauce to the premium toppings and melted cheese complementing the chargrilled beef patty and sourdough bread, it delivers absolute burger perfection. Next Jack in the Box run, order the legendary Sourdough Jack to discover why it remains such a beloved menu item after all these years.

02. Chicken Nuggets

Sometimes nothing satisfies quite like hot, crispy chicken nuggets, which is why Jack in the Box’s signature Chicken Nuggets remain a beloved classic after all these years. These bite-sized pieces of all-white meat chicken get double-breaded in crunchy, golden batter for irresistible texture and flavor. They make the perfect comfort food to dig into at the end of a long day when you need some familiar flavor without the fuss.

Even better, Jack’s Chicken Nuggets are available for convenient delivery right to your door. No matter where hunger hits, you can have these hot, juicy chicken bites ready in minutes to satisfy cravings. Between the crispy breading enveloping moist white meat chicken, these nuggets promise a nostalgic flavor you can’t get enough of. Next time a chicken nugget fix hits, turn to Jack in the Box’s tried and true classic to hit the spot for affordable prices. It doesn’t get simpler or tastier than these hot bites of comforting flavor.

03. Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger

The Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger stands out as a uniquely craveworthy Jack in the Box creation after 70+ years innovating flavor. This loaded burger stacks two 100% beef patties between not one, but three slices of crispy applewood smoked bacon and two types of melted cheese. Oozy American and Swiss cheese envelop the patties while thin bacon strips add savory crunch to each bite. The Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger takes a humble cheeseburger up several notches for an undeniably indulgent experience.

As an industry leader renowned for its inventive flavors and quality ingredients, Jack in the Box hits the mark on delivering the ultimate bacon cheeseburger. There’s a reason longtime customers crave this signature burger specifically for its perfect balance of smoky bacon and melted cheese complementing the chargrilled beef patties. It follows through on its bold name by piling on the bacon and cheese between toasted buns. Next time cheeseburger cravings kick in, order the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger to taste Jack in the Box’s legendary flavors for yourself.

04. Seasoned Curly Fries 

No burger meal from Jack in the Box feels complete without their signature Seasoned Curly Fries on the side. These crispy fries get tossed in a custom blend of spices giving them an irresistible zesty flavor you won’t find anywhere else. Each curly fry boasts a super-crunchy exterior and fluffy interior that holds the seasonings perfectly in each bite. Served piping hot and crisp, these curly fries make the ideal pair for Jack’s juicy burgers and chicken sandwiches.

As a veteran fast food chain, Jack in the Box knows how to make tried and true side dishes shine. The uniqueness of the Seasoned Curly Fries, from the curly shape to the proprietary spice blend, gives this signature side standout flavor. The bold seasoning balances out the richness of burgers and other entrees for the perfect complement. Next Jack in the Box run, add an order of their famous Seasoned Curly Fries to your meal to taste why fans proclaim it the perfect match to their craveworthy burgers over 70 years in the making.

05. Two Tacos 

While renowned for its signature American flavors, Jack in the Box proves it can nail craveworthy tacos too. Their famous crunchy tacos offer the perfect portable bite with a contrast of textures and flavors. Each mini taco starts with a crispy, fried corn shell enveloping richly seasoned beef, shredded lettuce and melty cheese. Custom taco sauce adds creamy tang to balance out the crunchy shell and savory filling.

These mini tacos provide a welcome break from standard burgers and fries, blending classic taco elements into snackable form. As tastes expanded over Jack in the Box’s 70+ years, they’ve adapted their menu to satisfy modern cravings. Now their signature tacos bring Southwestern inspiration through fiery sauce and zesty seasonings tucked into every crunchy bite. Next visit when you need a flavorful, Instagram-worthy nosh, add a couple of signature crispy tacos to your tray for the best of both worlds.

Order Process Of Jack In The Box

Ordering from Jack in the Box’s website makes enjoying your fast food favorites on-the-go a breeze. Follow these simple steps:

  • First, access their online menu at www.jackinthebox.com to start browsing top picks or customize your meal.
  • Enter your address to find the Jack in the Box nearest you. Choose pickup or delivery based on what’s most convenient.
  • For pickup, select carry-out or drive-thru to quickly grab your meal. With delivery, your food comes contact-free wherever you are.
  • Personalize your order to your cravings – add combo meals, signature burgers, tacos and breakfast offerings using any available promo codes.
  • Confirm options like necessary utensils, condiments and dipping sauces before checking out.
  • Lastly, review your contact information and payment details to finish placing your order in just minutes!

With easy online ordering for pickup or delivery, Jack in the Box makes enjoying craveworthy comfort food efficient. Their customer-friendly digital process minimizes wait time so signature flavors arrive hot and fresh whenever hunger calls your name.

Important Links Of Jack In The Box

Website https://www.jackinthebox.com/
Nutrition Facts Nutrition
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jackinthebox
Twitter https://twitter.com/jackbox
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jackinthebox/
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/jackinthebox
TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@jackinthebox

People Also Ask About Jack In The Box Menu

Is There a Best Sauce From Jack in The Box?

Jack in the Box’s signature Buttermilk Ranch sauce stands out as a longtime fan favorite. This cool, creamy dipping sauce gets its tangy flavor from a combination of mayonnaise and real buttermilk. It’s the perfect complement to Jack’s hot and crispy fries, nuggets and other menu items, blending rich dairy with a hint of garlic. After over 70 years perfecting unique flavors, Jack still hits the mark on delivering craveworthy signature sauces like Buttermilk Ranch.

Is Jack in The Box Tacos Suited For a Diet?

While not the epitome of healthy eating, one regular Jack in the Box taco contains just 172 calories and 1g sugar, with 6g of protein making it a reasonable mini-meal. For more diet-friendly options, fresh salads provide nutrition and satisfaction without the guilt. Ultimately, Jack in the Box aims to meet all dietary needs through its extensive menu featuring both indulgent and better-for-you picks.

Are There Any Benefits For Jack in The Box Members?

Yes! Jack in the Box rewards loyal customers through its Jack Pack program. Members earn 1 point for every $1 spent and can accumulate points towards free food and other perks. New members also get 20% off their first online order for signing up. So join the Jack Pack for member-exclusive deals that maximize your value with every visit.

What’s The Largest Burger Size At Jack in a Box?

With three beef patties and three slices of cheese between a jumbo bun, the monstrous Triple Ultimate Cheeseburger is Jack in the Box’s largest burger. Roughly the size of two human fists, it piles on the meat, cheese and toppings for the ultimate indulgent cheeseburger experience.

Are There Special Deals That Can Be Ordered From Jack in The Box?

Yes, Jack in the Box offers ongoing weekly specials that customers love. Score two crunchy tacos for just $0.99 – the perfect grab-and-go snack on a budget. Or enjoy breakfast on a deal with the 2 for $6 sausage croissant combo, serving up tasty value mornings. Check their latest weekly specials online or on the app every week.

Final Thoughts

After over 70 years perfecting their menu, Jack in the Box continues providing fast food lovers delicious comfort at affordable prices. They’ve curated a creative range of craveworthy picks spanning all-day breakfast, burgers, tacos, salads and sides. Whether you have a savory craving or a sweet tooth, options like Sourdough Jacks to churros and everything between deliver bold flavors for just about any appetite or budget. And thanks to user-friendly online ordering, customers can customize and access Jack’s favorites for convenient pick-up or delivery in minutes.

As tastes and technology evolve, Jack in the Box has stayed relevant by adapting while keeping quality and value at the core of their service. They recognize the hectic pace of modern life and aim to provide satisfaction without the wait or hassle. So next time you’re seeking a quick yet Addictive taste meal on the go, turn to this trusted brand offering variety, affordability, and 70 years of experience delivering fast food just the way you like it. A few clicks online and favorites like burger combos and crispy tacos can be at your fingertips fast wherever hunger hits.


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