How Much is a Dozen Donuts at Tim Hortons in Canada?

Tim Hortons is a beloved coffee and baked goods chain in Canada. Their fluffy donuts have become a breakfast staple for many Canadians. If you’re wondering how much a dozen donuts costs at Tim Hortons, this guide will break it down.

How Much is a Dozen Donuts at Tim Hortons in Canada

Current Pricing for a Dozen Donuts

As of 2023, a dozen assorted donuts at Tim Hortons costs $13.99 across most of Canada. This includes tax and gets you an assortment of 12 Tim Hortons donuts.

Some notable things about the pricing:

  • This is the base price seen at most Tim Hortons locations nationwide.
  • Prices may be slightly higher in remote northern regions of Canada.
  • Specialty donuts like dream donuts cost extra per donut.
  • Temporary promotions can drop the dozen price to $9.99 or add BOGO-free offers.

So $13.99 is the typical standard price you’ll see in major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc.

Historical Pricing for Dozens at Tim Hortons

The price for a dozen donuts at Timmy’s has gradually risen over the years alongside inflation. Here’s a look back:

  • In 2015, a dozen donuts was $11.99 at Tim Hortons in Canada.
  • By 2018, the price had increased to $12.99 per dozen.
  • In 2021, dozens were up to $13.49 on average nationwide.
  • Now in 2023, the standard cost is $13.99 per dozen.

So in about 8 years, the price has risen by around $2 per dozen. Annual increases have been modest as Tim Hortons aims to remain affordable.

Individual vs. Dozen Donut Pricing

It’s important to note the savings you get when buying a full dozen compared to individual donuts.

  • Individual donuts are typically $1.59 each at Tim Hortons.
  • For 12 donuts bought separately, your total would be $19.08.
  • Buying a pre-boxed dozen saves you $5.09 compared to individual prices.

The dozen deal provides good value for large orders and is ideal for office meetings, family gatherings, parties, etc.

Specialty Donut Pricing

Tim Hortons has specialty donuts that cost extra compared to their classic donuts:

  • Specialty donuts like Dream Donuts are $2.29 each.
  • A full dozen specialty donuts would total $27.48.
  • Opt for a mix of specialty and classic donuts for a balance.
  • Mini donuts in Timbit boxes are much cheaper per piece.

So go for the standard assorted dozen to get the best value. Add a few special donuts for a treat.

Promotions and Deals

Here are some ways Tim Hortons promotes discounted dozen pricing:

  • Email club members get BOGO dozen coupons.
  • Holiday dozens in December buy 3 get 4th free.
  • Special weekends can have $9.99 dozen deals.
  • Loyalty app rewards can redeem points for free dozens.
  • New product launches include a dozen donut giveaways.

Following Tim Hortons on social media is a great way to stay on top of their latest dozen donut deals and flash sales.

Dozens vs. Timbit Boxes

Another option is to order Timbits donut hole boxes:

  • A 10-pack of Timbits is $2.99
  • 20 Timbits are $4.99
  • 50 Timbits go for $9.99

A dozen Timbits would be approximately 20 pieces for under $5. This can be more budget-friendly if you want to buy in bulk.

Getting the Best Deal on Dozens at Tim Hortons

Here are some top tips for saving money on your Tim Hortons dozen purchases:

  • Check weekly flyers for promotions on dozens in your area
  • Redeem loyalty rewards towards free or discounted dozens
  • Buy freshly made donuts late in the evening for markdowns
  • Split costs of dozens with friends or coworkers
  • Downsize from specialty to classic assorted dozens
  • Opt for Timbit boxes to share with large groups
  • Use mobile order deals for free donuts with drink

With the right strategy, you can enjoy Tim Hortons donuts for less. A dozen for $13.99 remains a sweet indulgence.

The Bottom Line

Canadians can expect to pay around $13.99 including tax for one dozen assorted donuts at Tim Hortons. This cost has gradually risen over the past 5-10 years. Buying by the dozen provides good savings over individual donut prices. Be on the lookout for weekly promotions, app deals, and holiday specials to maximize your savings on Tim Horton’s dozens in Canada.

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