Encik Tan Singapore Menu & Price 2023

Encik Tan is a popular halal Chinese food chain in Singapore known for its affordable and delicious dishes inspired by local hawker fare. Here is an overview of the latest Encik Tan menu in Singapore for 2023, with prices and recommendations on must-try items.

Encik Tan Singapore Menu

Encik Tan serves a variety of Chinese cuisine with an emphasis on noodles, rice dishes, soups, and wok-fried specialties. Here are some of the most popular items on the Encik Tan menu:

  • Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice – Juicy chicken cutlet served with fragrant curry sauce, rice, and achar. $6.90.
  • Laksa – Thick vermicelli noodles in a spicy coconut curry broth with prawns, fishcake, and bean sprouts. $6.90.
  • Char Kuay Teow – Flat rice noodles wok-fried with Chinese sausage, fishcake, beansprouts and egg. $7.60.
  • Claypot Rice – Chicken and Chinese sausage claypot rice topped with salted fish and served piping hot. $8.30.
  • Fried Oyster – Plump oysters coated in batter and wok-fried till crispy golden. $7.60.
  • Curry Chicken Drumstick Rice – Chicken drumstick in curry sauce served with fragrant rice and achar. $7.60.

Encik Tan Curry Rice Menu Price

Curry dishes are a specialty at Encik Tan. Here are some of the popular curry rice dishes on the menu with prices:

  • Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice – $6.90
  • Crispy Chicken Drumstick Curry Rice – $7.60
  • Curry Chicken Drumstick Rice – $7.60
  • Crispy Fried Fish Curry Rice – $7.60
  • Crispy Fried Prawn Curry Rice – $8.20

The curry rice dishes come with a generous portion of rice and achar to balance the rich coconut curry gravy.

Encik Tan Noodles Price

Encik Tan serves a variety of Chinese-style noodles wok-fried to perfection. Here are some standouts with prices:

  • Fishball Noodles – $6.20
  • Signature Noodle – Yellow noodles with seafood in creamy sauce. $9.20
  • Laksa – $6.90
  • Prawn Mee – Spicy prawn noodle soup. $7.90
  • Wanton Noodle – Noodles with pork dumplings in savory sauce. $6.90

Noodle lovers will enjoy the textural contrasts and flavors of Encik Tan’s noodle dishes.

Encik Tan Fish Soup Menu & Prices

Warming fish soups are another Encik Tan specialty. Recommended fish soups include:

  • Fried Fish Ee Mee – Vermicelli noodles in broth with fried fish. $8.30
  • Fried Fish Thick Bee Hoon Soup – Rice vermicelli in broth with fried fish. $8.30
  • Fried Fish Soup with Rice – Fried fish, rice, and vegetables in broth. $9.00

The soups highlight the freshness of the fish and homemade broths.

Encik Tan Wok Delight Menu with Price

For some wok-fried Chinese dishes, go for these Encik Tan menu highlights:

  • Char Kuay Teow – $6.90
  • Fried Oyster – $6.90
  • Fried Carrot Cake – $5.50
  • Fried Hokkien Mee – Fried prawn noodle. $7.50
  • Fried Hokkien Mee w Crayfish & Lala – $10.70

The wok dishes showcase traditional Chinese hawker flavors.

Based on customer reviews and sales, these Encik Tan menu items emerge as favorites year after year:

Encik Tan Laksa

Laksa is a coconut curry noodle soup with prawns, fish cakes, and beansprouts. Encik Tan’s Laksa stands out for its rich, aromatic coconut curry broth that packs a spicy punch. The thick vermicelli noodles and fresh toppings complete this signature dish.

Encik Tan Char Kuay Teow

Wok-fried flat rice noodles are taken to the next level in Encik Tan’s Char Kuay Teow. Smoky Chinese sausage, plump prawns, crispy bean sprouts, and egg come together for the ultimate noodle dish.

Encik Tan Fried Oyster

Plump oysters coated in a light batter and fried till crispy make for an irresistible snack or starter. Encik Tan’s Fried Oyster is perfectly executed.

Encik Tan Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice

The chicken cutlet curry rice is a long-time favorite, with its crispy chicken cutlet and fragrant curry sauce served over rice. It’s a comforting and satisfying meal.

Encik Tan Menu Singapore Updated in 2023

Encik Tan regularly updates its menu with new offerings while keeping classic dishes. Here are some new additions for 2023:

Encik Tan Pao Pao Handmade Buns

These pillowy soft steamed buns are filled with savory meats like char siew or chicken along with crunchy vegetables. They make a great snack or light meal.

Encik Tan Lor Mee

This noodle dish features thick, slippery yellow noodles in a thick gravy made with pork, eggs, fried fish and braised pork belly. It’s rich, flavorsome and very satisfying.

Encik Tan Salted Egg Chicken

Salted egg yolk sauce gives a unique flavor to crispy fried chicken or chicken chops in this new dish. It has quickly become a signature.

Encik Tan Mango Sago Dessert

Cool and refreshing mango sago pudding was added to the menu for a sweet, fruity dessert. It’s a perfect way to end a meal.

Encik Tan Best Selling Items

These long-time favorites remain the top sellers at Encik Tan based on their continued popularity:

Curry Chicken Drumstick Rice

The curry chicken drumstick rice features juicy chicken drumsticks bathed in rich curry gravy, served over fragrant rice. It’s an Encik Tan signature.

Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice

Another signature is the chicken cutlet curry rice. A crispy chicken cutlet topped with curry sauce, served with rice and achar, is a winning combination.

Fishball Noodles

Springy fishballs, chewy noodles, and sweet tomato-based soup make this a perpetual favorite for its comforting flavors.

Wanton Noodle

The savory wanton noodle soup with plump pork dumplings is a go-to order for its flavors and satisfaction.

FAQ’s About Encik Tan Singapore

Is Encik Tan Singapore Halal?

Yes, Encik Tan is halal-certified so Muslims can confidently dine here. All food is prepared according to Islamic dietary regulations.

What Type of Cuisine Does Encik Tan Serve?

Encik Tan serves Chinese cuisine with Singaporean influences. Signature dishes include noodles, rice, soups and wok-fried items inspired by hawker fare.

How Much Does a Meal Cost at Encik Tan?

Individual dishes range from $5-10. For a meal with a main dish, drink and side, expect to pay $8-12 per person approximately.

Is There GST/VAT on Prices at Encik Tan?

Yes, GST is included in the menu prices at Encik Tan Singapore. The prices listed are final costs including taxes.

Does Encik Tan Offer Delivery?

Most Encik Tan outlets do not offer delivery currently. However, some locations may have delivery via third-party apps like GrabFood or FoodPanda.

Encik Tan Singapore Outlet Locations

Encik Tan has over 10 outlets across Singapore. Popular locations include:

  • Encik Tan @ Jurong Point
  • Encik Tan @ Causeway Point
  • Encik Tan @ Northpoint City
  • Encik Tan @ Jem
  • Encik Tan @ JCube
  • Encik Tan @ Westgate

Find the Encik Tan nearest you by checking their store locator.

Encik Tan Menu & Prices – Value for Money

Encik Tan offers great value for money when it comes to tasty Chinese fare in Singapore. The individual dishes are affordably priced between $5-10, allowing you to enjoy quality halal Chinese food without breaking the bank.

Given the generous portions and use of fresh, quality ingredients, Encik Tan provides a satisfying meal at wallet-friendly prices. You can expect to pay just $8-12 per person for a meal with a main dish, side, and drink.

For delicious and authentic Chinese hawker dishes in a comfortable environment, Encik Tan is hard to beat for value in Singapore.

Encik Tan Singapore Review

Encik Tan deserves its reputation as one of the most popular halal Chinese food chains in Singapore. By adapting classic hawker fare in a halal format, Encik Tan makes these dishes accessible to all.

Signature items like the laksa, char kuay teow, curry chicken rice, and fishball noodles are executed skillfully and consistently across outlets. The use of quality ingredients like fresh seafood, plump fishballs, and chicken drumsticks results in dishes that pop with flavors.

The menu has something for everyone. There is a good balance of noodle dishes, soups, rice dishes, and snacks to satisfy all cravings. Prices remain very reasonable considering the portions and quality.

While the setting is simple, Encik Tan outlets provide a comfortable, air-conditioned environment to enjoy the food. Service is efficient even during peak meal times.

Overall, Encik Tan is a go-to for delicious, affordable halal Chinese cuisine in Singapore. The menu highlights classic hawker fare made accessible for all to enjoy.

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