Dq Ice Cream Cake Price: A Complete Guide to Dairy Queen Cake Costs

Dairy Queen is beloved for its soft-serve treats, and no dessert embodies this more than their ice cream cakes. DQ cakes have been a staple at birthday parties and celebrations for generations. Understanding DQ’s cake prices and options can help you pick the perfect cake for any occasion. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Dairy Queen ice cream cake pricing.

Overview of Dairy Queen Cake Offerings

Dairy Queen provides a variety of cake sizes and styles to choose from. Here’s a quick look at what’s available on their cake menu:

Round Cakes

Classic round cakes come in 8″ and 10″ sizes. They can be customized with a written message.

Sheet Cakes

Sheet cakes serve larger gatherings. They are typically decorated with the signature DQ curlicue icing pattern.

Blizzard Cakes

Blizzard cakes feature layers of DQ’s signature soft serve sandwiched between cake layers and topped with icing.

Treatzza Pizza

Treatzza Pizza offers a DQ soft serve blended with toppings and baked on a brownie crust.

Cupcakes and Minis

Individual cupcakes and mini cake slices are available for parties.

Now let’s explore Dairy Queen ice cream cake prices in more detail.

Dairy Queen Cake Prices

On average, Dairy Queen cake prices range from $15-$35 depending on size, style, and customization. Here are the typical costs for DQ cakes:

Round Cakes

  • 8″ round cake: $24.99
  • 10″ round cake: $26.99

Round cakes can be customized with a written message for $5 extra.

Sheet Cakes

  • Quarter sheet cake (serves 20): $31.99
  • Half sheet cake (serves 30): $41.99
  • Full sheet cake (serves 60): $62.99

Sheet cakes have the signature DQ curlicue pattern but can also be customized.

Blizzard Cakes

  • 8″ Blizzard cake: $27.99
  • 10″ Blizzard cake: $30.99
  • Sheet Blizzard cake: $33.99

Blizzard cakes feature layers of DQ soft serve between cake layers.

Treatzza Pizza

  • All flavors: $11.99

Treatzza Pizza offers DQ soft serve on a brownie crust topped with candies or cookies.

Cupcakes and Minis

  • Cupcakes: $3.29
  • Mini cakes: $14.99

Cupcakes and mini cake slices are perfect for parties.

Prices may be slightly higher in some regions. Specialty cakes for holidays like Valentine’s Day or customized designs can increase costs further.

Most and Least Expensive Dairy Queen Cake Options

The most expensive DQ cake is typically the full-sheet Blizzard cake at around $62.99. The least expensive option is the 8″ round cake starting at $24.99.

Other price factors to consider:

Most Expensive

  • Full sheet cakes
  • Blizzard cakes
  • Specialty holiday cakes
  • Heavy customization with designs, photos, or multiple written messages

Least Expensive

  • 8″ round cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Minis
  • Limited customization and writing

Choosing a smaller cake size is the easiest way to save money at DQ. Consider ordering a sheet cake and cutting it into smaller pieces yourself to get the best value.

How Dairy Queen Cake Prices Compare

Dairy Queen cakes are competitively priced compared to other major ice cream chains. Here’s how DQ prices stack up:

  • Baskin Robbins: Round cakes start at $33, sheet cakes at $57
  • Cold Stone Creamery: Round cakes from $34-52, sheet cakes $69-139
  • Dairy Queen: Round cakes from $25-27, sheet cakes $32-63

You’ll typically pay a $5-10 premium for the DQ brand compared to a basic grocery store sheet cake. But the convenience and delicious flavors make it worthwhile for many.

DQ cakes offer a middle ground in terms of cost. They are more affordable than boutique bakeries but pricier than discount grocery options. Their quality and customization also help justify the extra cost.

Tips for Saving Money on Dairy Queen Cakes

Here are some ways to get Dairy Queen cakes for less:

  • Check for weekly specials and deals on their website
  • Sign up for the DQ email club to get discounts and coupons
  • Order a pre-designed sheet cake instead of heavy customization
  • Choose a round cake rather than a sheet cake
  • Split costs with other party guests
  • Order cupcakes instead of a large cake
  • Redeem DQ reward points toward a free cake
  • Download the DQ mobile app for exclusive offers
  • Avoid rush fees by ordering 1-2 days in advance

Saving just a few dollars makes a big difference when your cake budget is limited. Take advantage of these tips to get the lowest price on your next DQ cake.

Dairy Queen offers classic and unique Blizzard flavors for their ice cream cakes. Here are some of the most popular options:

Round Cake Flavors

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Marble (swirls of chocolate and vanilla)

Blizzard Cake Flavors

  • Oreo®
  • Snickers®
  • Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup
  • M&M’s®
  • Heath®
  • Cookie Dough

Treatzza Pizza

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
  • M&M’s
  • Oreo Cookie Crumb
  • Heath Bar Crunch

Their signature soft serve makes any DQ ice cream cake taste great. Consider fun mix-ins like cookies or candy to make your cake unique.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dairy Queen Cakes

How many people does a DQ sheet cake serve?

A quarter sheet cake serves 20, half sheet serves 30, and full sheet serves 60.

What is the largest size DQ cake available?

The full sheet cake is the largest at approximately 40×30 inches. It serves around 60 people.

How far in advance should I order a DQ ice cream cake?

1-2 days is recommended during non-peak times. Allow 3-4 days around holidays or busy seasons.

How long can I keep a DQ ice cream cake frozen?

Kept frozen, DQ cakes last 2-4 months from the pick-up date. Thaw overnight in the fridge before serving.

Does Dairy Queen offer vegan or allergy-friendly cakes?

Unfortunately DQ does not offer dairy-free or vegan cake options at this time. Always share allergy needs when ordering.

The Bottom Line on Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Prices

Dairy Queen cakes are an indulgent splurge made from DQ’s signature soft serve. Expect to pay $25-35 for a customized round or sheet cake. Blizzard flavors and specialty options may cost extra. Compare prices and utilize deals to get the best value. For a convenient pre-made cake with delicious soft-serve layers, Dairy Queen ice cream cakes are a beloved party pleaser.

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