Whole Foods Breakfast Bar Menu With Price

The Whole Foods breakfast bar is a top destination for starting your morning off right. With an array of wholesome, natural foods to fuel up with, the Whole Foods breakfast bar has something for everyone. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the breakfast bar menu, ingredients, hours, prices and more. Get ready to explore the convenient, healthy offerings available daily at your local Whole Foods Market.

Whole Foods Breakfast Bar Menu With Price

Overview of the Whole Foods Breakfast Bar

The prepared foods breakfast bar at Whole Foods Market locations features a self-serve spread of fresh, nutritious breakfast items made in-house daily. The extensive Whole Foods breakfast bar includes:

  • Hot breakfast entrees like vegetarian casseroles, burritos, and sandwiches
  • Cold cereals, oatmeal, chia pudding, and overnight oats
  • Fresh fruit, cut vegetables, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt
  • Assorted pastries, muffins, scones, and croissants
  • Sliced breads for toast with jams and nut butter
  • Coffee, tea, juice, and more

The goal of the Whole Foods breakfast bar is to provide wholesome, balanced morning meals full of natural, unprocessed ingredients. There are plenty of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly options available.

While offerings vary slightly by location, the widespread availability of the prepared foods breakfast bar makes it easy to start your day with a nutritious meal from Whole Foods, whether at home or on-the-go. McDonald’s Menu With Prices

Whole Foods Breakfast Bar Hours

The hours of the self-serve Whole Foods breakfast bar depend on your local store’s hours. Most locations open between 7am 9am for breakfast service.

Some Whole Foods end breakfast selection between 10 am-and 11 am as they transition to lunch. Others may offer breakfast all-day until closing. Your store’s prepared foods department or site can provide exact breakfast bar hours.

For early risers, it’s best to arrive shortly after opening when the breakfast bar is fully stocked. Towards closing, selection is more limited but you can often still find yogurt parfaits, cut fruit, and packaged items.

The breakfast bar can get busy on weekends, so go midweek or earlier in the morning to beat the crowds. You can take items to go or dine in the Whole Foods café area. MCDONALDS BREAKFAST MENU PRICES 2024

Whole Foods Breakfast Bar Menu

The daily Whole Foods breakfast bar menu focuses on making mornings nourishing with wholesome ingredients and balanced nutrition. Here’s an overview of some standard items:

Hot Breakfast Entrees

  • Burritos – Eggs, potatoes, cheese, salsa, beans
  • Breakfast sandwiches – English muffins, croissants, biscuits
  • Veggie breakfast casseroles – Hash, spinach, roasted veggies
  • Steel cut oatmeal – With fruits, nuts, spices
  • Quiche – Rotating flavors like broccoli & cheddar
  • Breakfast pizza – Eggs, cheese, meatless sausage

Cereals and Porridge

  • Granola, muesli, cereal – Both cold and hot varieties
  • Chia pudding, overnight oats – Soaked oats and chia seeds
  • Oatmeal – Steel cut and old fashioned oats options

Fruits, Yogurts, Vegetables

  • Fresh fruit salad – Melons, berries, citrus, pineapple
  • Greek yogurt – Plain and flavored varieties
  • Cottage cheese
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Cut raw veggies – Tomatoes, peppers, carrots

Pastries and Breads

  • Muffins – Blueberry, banana walnut, corn, etc.
  • Scones – Cinnamon, chocolate chip, fruit
  • Croissants – Plain, chocolate, almond
  • Savory pastries – Veggie-filled hand pies, empanadas
  • Bagels – Plain, sesame seed, everything
  • Breads – For toast, nut butters, jam


  • Coffee – Regular and decaf
  • Hot tea – Variety of herbal, black, green teas
  • Fresh juices – Orange, grapefruit, green juices
  • Milk – Whole, low-fat, non-dairy milks

This provides a glimpse of the diverse offerings you’ll find at the Whole Foods breakfast bar. Combining selections from each category lets you customize a meal with your preferred flavors and nutrients. Next, let’s break down some of the most popular picks by item.

Best Foods to Eat from the Whole Foods Breakfast Bar

With so many delectable choices, it helps to go in with a game plan of which breakfast bar items to load up on. Here are expert recommendations for the best and healthiest options to grab at Whole Foods:

Mexican Breakfast Burritos

Loaded with protein-rich eggs, fiber-filled beans, savory potatoes, and melty cheese, the breakfast burritos pack a nutritious punch. The salsa adds vitamin C too. Vegetarian and meat burritos available.

Steel Cut Oatmeal

The steel cut oats have more fiber and nutrients than instant packets. Top with antioxidant-rich berries and plant-based milk for a superfood breakfast.

Greek Yogurt Parfaits

Plain Greek yogurt provides protein while the fresh fruit adds vitamins, minerals, and natural sweetness. The perfect energy-boosting combo.

Vegetable Egg Sandwiches

Order an egg sandwich on a whole grain English muffin with veggies like spinach, tomato, and onion for added nutrition.

Overnight Oats

The chia seeds and oats in this grab-and-go option digest slowly to keep you fuller longer thanks to the fiber.

Fresh Fruit Salad

Fill up on the in-season mixed fruits like pineapple, melon, grapes, and citrus for a hydrating vitamin C boost.

Whole Foods Breakfast Bar Ingredients

Whole Foods showcases high-quality ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives at their breakfast bars. Some standout ingredients include:

  • Cage-free eggs
  • Grass-fed dairy
  • Organic produce
  • Wild sustainable seafood
  • Hormone- and antibiotic-free meat
  • Unbleached flour
  • Fair trade coffee & tea
  • Non-GMO verified items
  • Local seasonal produce

You can enjoy the breakfast bar knowing everything is made using wholesome real-food ingredients. Whole Foods prioritizes sourcing from local producers as much as possible too. Wendy’s Menu With Prices 2024

Nutrition Information and Allergens

One great perk of the Whole Foods breakfast bar is that all items are clearly labeled with nutrition facts and allergen information.

This makes it easy to find options that fit your diet needs, whether you’re looking for high-protein, low-carb, nut-free, or soy-free. Ingredient lists are also available by request.

Some tips:

  • Vegans can find clearly labeled plant-based dishes like tofu scrambles
  • Gluten-free options include oatmeal, chia pudding, and veggie hash sans bread
  • Look for the non-dairy symbol for milk alternatives if lactose intolerant
  • Meatless and eggless items available for vegetarians
  • Dairy-free yogurts and milk substitutes marked

Just check labels thoroughly and you’ll have no problem customizing a breakfast that works for any dietary needs. Texas Roadhouse Menu With Prices

Whole Foods Breakfast Bar Prices

One of the biggest advantages of the Whole Foods self-serve breakfast bar compared to a sit-down restaurant is the value and affordability.

Pricing is generally charged by the pound. Expect breakfast bar items to cost $8-$12 for a hearty plate or bowl.

Here are some average price points:

  • Hot entrée + side = $8-$10
  • Yogurt parfait = $3.99
  • Oatmeal or chia pudding = $3.99-$5.99
  • Muffin or scone = $2-$3
  • 1 pound cut fruit = $3.99-$5.99
  • Granola or cereal = $7.99 per pound
  • Piece of toast = $0.99

Combining a few items can keep you under $10 for a satisfying morning meal. For a full breakfast spread, plan to spend around $12 max.

Buying the hot prepared dishes in bulk quantities can offer additional savings for families. Overall, the Whole Foods breakfast bar provides quality and nutrition at a reasonable price point. In-N-Out Burger Menu

Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Breakfast Bar

Take advantage of the widespread Whole Foods breakfast bar with these pro tips:

  • Arrive early after opening when everything is freshly prepared
  • Mix and match hot and cold items for more variety
  • Fill up on budget-friendly fruits, yogurts, oats
  • Grab pre-packaged items near closing when selection is low
  • Order coffee and juice to make it a full meal
  • Ask about any daily or weekly specials
  • Use mobile ordering and pay ahead to skip the line
  • Bring your own container for hot items to eat on the go
  • Save with Whole Foods coupons and Prime member discounts
  • Enjoy a DIY breakfast before grocery shopping

With flexible hours, reasonable prices, and healthy ingredients, the Whole Foods breakfast bar is ideal for starting your day off right without the hassle. Follow these tips and make the breakfast bar a part of your wholesome morning routine.

Whole Foods Market Company Background

Whole Foods Market began in 1978 as a natural foods grocer in Austin, Texas. They aim to provide organic, minimally processed, ethically sourced food while promoting health and sustainability.

Now a subsidiary of Amazon, Whole Foods has over 500 locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and the UK serving as a one-stop shop for groceries and prepared foods made with quality ingredients. Their extensive salad and hot bars set them apart from traditional supermarkets.

Whole Foods prioritizes giving back to local communities through partnerships with suppliers, schools, and non-profits. They have consistently ranked among the most socially responsible companies.

Visiting the Whole Foods Breakfast Bar

The full-service breakfast bar makes Whole Foods a convenient spot for healthy, energizing meals to start your day. Visit any location or check online for specific store hours and breakfast bar availability.

To find a Whole Foods breakfast bar near you, visit www.wholefoodsmarket.com, download their app, or follow them @WholeFoods. Then stop by on your way to work, after the gym, or before errands for nutritious food made with real, wholesome ingredients.

With so many nutritious and delicious options prepared fresh daily, the Whole Foods breakfast bar has something satisfying for every craving. Enjoy convenience, quality, and value without sacrificing your dietary needs.

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